I’m Confused About this Guy

First of all, I’m a guy and he’s a guy too. ( I’m bisexual) he used to be my bestfriend and im actually have a crush on him since 3 yrs ago when i started to be friend with him. He seems straight in all ways. But i stopped talking to him about one year ago. Because i wanted to and he seems sad and even asked my other friends to ask me why did i stop talk to him.

In the 1 year of not talking to him, he kept on staring at me in class, trying to catch my attention ( like simply walked in front of me or whatever). He’s scorpio and i found out that scorpio treats his crush like garbage sometimes. He likes to play games with the crush. Indeed he treated me like garbage ( like asked me to shut up when I’m talking, asked me to go away when I’m with him). But sometimes hes sweet too. I’m just confused , does he love me? Or just want to be my friend? . Sometimes, when i talked about my crush, his face changed to angry and sad. HE LIKES TO STARE AT ME i mean, ALL THE TIME. And when i tried to catch that stare, he will look away. I just don’t get him. Could you give an opinion.. do u think he loves me? Or what?

Relationship Advice on being Confused about a Guy

The most important thing here is not about he loving you. What’s important is that he treats you like trash and anyone who treats another as trash isn’t love. Stick with him if you feel you’re trash! If not then move on.

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