My Relationship is in Crises

Me and my girlfriend have been having disagreements for a while now. We end up making promises not to hurt each other but she ends up hurting me again. How? Well, she recently got a job attachment and ever since she never creates time for us even after work leave alone contacting me the whole day.

If I ask or try to ask her why she isn’t concerned about my welfare, she gets annoyed and we end up quarrelling. Also, I am not pleased with the fact that she occasionally posts pictures of herself and male friends on Instagram and to her it seems very normal. Despite, me knowing the guy, I just feel it’s not right. If it was reversed, I doubt my girlfriend would be happy seeing me posting pics with another girl.

As of now, we haven’t talked for three days and when I went to see her she told me we should just part ways so that we can stop hurting each other. We have been together for two years and this has never happened before…I feel things are getting out of hand. What should I do?

Relationship Advice on dealing with Crises

So your girlfriend say you should stop dating and part ways….. and you feel things are “getting out of hand”? My friend, things have already gotten out of hand! I think you’re being too jealous and demanding. Do you think she’s cheating with the male friends? Well, she was she wouldn’t have posted them on instagram. And for crying out loud, you even know these guys! Unless you can’t trust them.

Quarrelling all the time is also another sign that your relationship wouldn’t work. It’s okay to quarrel once a while, but not always. Give your girlfriend a break and some breathing space. Three days isn’t long enough. If you both miss each other then you’ll definitely reunite.

Otherwise there are about 4 billion other women out there. Don’t cry over one.

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