My Baby’s Mama Wants Marriage

I am having a relationship with a lady who have a child for me, but we are having a lot of problems. Let me explain a little more to you, I have a child with a lady and she is asking me to marry her but I don’t want to marry her due what she did to me in the pass
I am waiting to hear from you.
Marriage Counseling on Getting Married because you have a child
Getting married just because you have a child will be a disastrous decision. More disastrous than your decision to “get in with a rubber”. You will not be happy, the lady wouldn’t be happy and your child wouldn’t not be a happy child as well.
It’s a difficult decision not to marry her and a painful one as such. But in the end, you’re doing her a lot of good.  She’ll find a man who truly loves her. Not the kind of guy like you who just want to have fun and leave.

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