I Think My Wife Had an Affair and She’s Lying

Let me give you a brief rundown of events before I ask my question. Eight months ago, I caught my wife coming out of another man’s house drunk after she went on a date with him at a strip club for her birthday. After that night I began to search through her message and social media, finding conversations between them and conversations with her friends about him. On two occasions, making love¬†with him was brought up and that automatically raised a very bright red flag.

When I caught her coming out his house that particular night, she had this wild and carefully thought out story about that night but her story had a lot of holes in it. Long story short, I found a lot of information on my own and she was lying about the whole thing from the start. One bit of information I found out was that she went to him previously before that night and lied about it.

I also found a message that corresponds with that particular night and it was a conversation with one of her “best” friends. The message went as follows…my wife: ” I can’t stop thinking about last night” friend: “it’s gonna take you a while to get over that one”. This leads me to my question, am I wrong for thinking my wife had an affair with him because of all the evidence and particularly that one message that said “I can’t stop thinking about last night”

Marriage Advice on Wife Having an Affair 

The big problem here is trust. You don’t trust your wife and dude this is a big problem whether she’s cheating or not. From all you said it’s normal to think your wife is having an affair. Even though it’s not 100% sure.

If you still want the marriage tell your wife to cut off the friendship with that guy. And what sort of man will allow his wife go out to a strip club with another man. Then moves into his place before coming home… Wow, you have a big heart my friend. Even if she’s not cheating, it’s very disrespectful to you. How will the other man think of you when you both meet?

Either you wife recognises she’s married or choose to go single.

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