Girl Wants a Phone Before Making Love

I’ve been dating a girl for 7 months now without making love. My girlfriend wants me to buy her a phone before making love to me.  Does she love me or she’s just pretending?

Relationship Advice on Dealing With a Gold Digger

My friend, if you’re going to pay to make love, then there are cheaper options. Let your “girlfriend” understand that it will cost less than a phone and less than 7 months if you wanted Pay As You Go service.  It’s ok to give your girlfriend a phone, but not to get her to bed.

When she said that your response should have been “so all you’re worth is a phone?”.  Move on, am afraid she’s just a polished prostitute.  Get a girlfriend who will make love because she’s fallen for you and her defences gets broken down because of a strong desire for you. Will you like dating a girlfriend who will open up her legs for any guy who can offer her a phone?

Leave now. Better give a house to a woman who loves you than a phone to a gold digger.

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