My Wife Says She is Not In Love With Me

Hi! A few months ago my wife of 19 years mentioned that she’s “not in love with me, but still loves me”… My impulse is to ask for a divorce since I have read that it means she’s looking for another relationship. We do things together all the time (bike rides, long drives, dining), so it isn’t as if we are distant. At first, the words cut like a knife, but the wound is healed & pain is now gone… However, I now have scar tissue on my heart and have very little feeling there at all. I could take her or leave her now… We’re planning on moving soon, so my first impulse is to ask for a divorce when we sell the home. Any advice? Thank you so much.

Marriage Counseling on Wife Not In Love

You’re going to throw away 19 years because of a phrase? Don’t base your decision on what you have read, rather find out if your wife is really looking for another relationship. ¬†What went wrong? Have you changed or there’s something missing that makes her no longer in love with you.

Here’s a truth my brother – married people are not always in love! Just be grateful your wife opened up. Most women are no longer in love with their husbands – and yes, I said most! See ways to bridge the gap. You two seem like good friends so don’t spoil that friendship in the name of love.

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