My Boyfriend Wants to Breakup Because He Wants a Child

Hello Love Doctor help me. I am a 3rd yr student and been in a relationship for 16 months. My boyfriend wants a kid. I have always convinced my boyfriend to wait. My boyfriend is insisting on breakup because he wants a kid and have denied him and he is serious about it.

What do i do? I love him do i give him that still a student. He’s is a student too but almost done with his. Advice what do i do am confused have talked to me but all he want is a kid. My boyfriend ┬áis ready to go get a girl to have a kid with.

Relationship Counseling on Boyfriend wanting to breakup

Please pick your phone right now, call your boyfriend and tell him to go to hell! Let him breakup with you because of the following:

  1. Your boyfriend doesn’t have your interest at heart. He thinks about his desires without thinking about your welfare. You don’t need such a human being in your life.
  2. He’s not serious in life. Why rush to have a kid when you’re still in school? If it happened unplanned it’s different. But if you plan for a pregnancy you’re unwilling to have then I can imagine your thought process.
  3. He doesn’t love you. And it’s a fact. If he truly loves you he wouldn’t force you to give birth.
  4. He’s stupid.

All the best.

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