Does He Want to Settle

Hello Love Doc! I have been in a relationship for two years now. My boyfriend is 40 and am 25. I really love him so much and sometimes I feel it’s a mutual feeling. Other times he gets distant. He is a father of two boys,9 and 5 but I have never met them.

We hardly talk about a future together…the times I have tried asking or getting into a talk with him concerning what this is he got defensive. My boyfriend said its either I want to leave him or someone else has got my attention now.

Yet am just curious and worried. I want to settle down and marry him but I don’t know if this is even in his cards. Doctor what’s your advice to me?

Relationship or Marriage Advice on Does He Want to Settle

A 40 year old guy with two children would have settled long ago if he really wanted to settle. Unless he married and divorced. Are all two(2) children from same mother? If yes then why didn’t he settle with her? If you have one child it can be a simple mistake (referring to the act or not child). But two…

Don’t force him to settle if he’s not ready. Some men might give in a marry you. But in the end there will be regrets – trust me. I feel you should take the painful decision and move on. To begin with, 15 years age difference is a bit of a gap. It is not too wide though but wouldn’t advice an age difference of more than 10 years.

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