My Boyfriend is a Pedophile

Good day. I trust you are well. I am having a huge love crisis and I am in need of desperate advice. I have dated this guy for more than 1 year already. He told me long ago early in the relationship he is a attracted to younger girls.

I found this out as he started saying some things he would do to my little sister. So I got mad at him for that and he apologized and so I thought this was over.  My boyfriend stopped this and he continued and continued and wouldn’t stop.

I have been patient with him but I can’t take it anymore and was wondering if you think I should dump him even though I see you say I can’t ask that question.  It’s driving me insane and he won’t stop so please I need advice.

Love Advice on Pedophilia Boyfriend

Well, your boyfriend earlier told you he’s attracted to younger girls.  Again your boyfriend says he’s “going to do something” to your little sister and he’s said this over and over again. And you’re asking whether you should dump him?

There’s a very thin line between love and foolishness and you’re almost about crossing that line. Take it from me and am 100% certain – your boyfriend will one day (and it will happen sooner than you think) do something to your little sister.

Now the choice is yours. Save your little sister that drama that’s about to unfold, or stick with this Pedophile boyfriend based on love (foolishness will be a proper word). You can direct him to seek psychological help because obviously he’s sick. In the part of the world I come from your boyfriend would have received some beatings of a lifetime to correct his psyche. Don’t wait until the day he’ll be heading to jail because he abused your little sister. It’s too much drama.

Break up.

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