I Think My Husband is Cheating

I’ve been married for about a year. My husband and I decided to try for a baby soon after marriage and we were pregnant in about 4 months. Unfortunately we lost the baby at 15 weeks. This was 6 weeks ago. My husband and I were both so excited for a baby and when I lost the baby he was an incredible support.

He was quite upset but was just what i needed emotionally. My husband wasn’t really interested in sex from the time I got pregnant until now. although he says he wants to try again for a baby, he doesn’t initiate sex although he is often very affectionate. He lashed out at me a couple of times recently (nothing physical) and I did something i shouldn’t have done – I snooped on his phone.

I never expected to find what I did. He had been visiting dating websites, had two accounts, and I found text messages with a masseuse” while I was out of town the other night. It seems to have been more of a prostitute. Now I don’t know what to do. I love this man but I am completely blindsided by what I found. Do I confront him? And if so, how do I approach this?? I am devastated. Thanks.

Marriage Advice on Cheating Husband

Sorry about the loss of your pregnancy. You’ll definitely have another baby. No woman will like to see the husband visit dating websites (especially if that’s where they met). Most men have visited dating sites at a point in time. It’s bad to have your husband being in an online dating environment and I understand your suspicion especially because you were not around. Let’s get this straight – husbands who cheat, will cheat whether you’re in or out of town.

So don’t draw conclusions yet, even though you have enough proof. Asking him will just enable him to be on guard. Relax and study his life patterns a bit more and question him based on those patterns if you aren’t sure he cheated. What if you ask and he says yes, he cheated? Are you prepared for that answer? Are you going to leave or stay? Think about it.

Also think about STD if he’s really courting a┬ámasseuse. These girls hands usually do go places. Your safety is important. My advice is simple: If you’re not sure, look out for more signs. If your intuition is 100% sure he’s cheating, then tell him what you saw and be ready for the outcome.


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