My Ex Girlfriend Confuses Me

Hey. I need some help. My ex girlfriend initiated contact with me. She wanted to know how I am.. Soon after I got another message from her saying that she misses me and loves me. I’m still the love of her life and she can’t love anyone the way she loves me.

Then last night I received a message from my ex girlfriend asking me not to contact her any longer. This was because she’s getting married. I really don’t understand because she told me she’s not seeing anyone. My Ex won’t make contact if she was in a relationship.

I felt hurt and confused. I ended up telling her I don’t care and that I’ve got a girlfriend. My Ex girlfriend freaked out and pretended to be her sister. She ended up saying she knew I always cheated on her when we were together. She also added that I’m a loser.

Dating Advice on Ex Girlfriend Confuses Me.

Your Ex Girlfriend’s actions confuses me too! Maybe she needs to see a doctor – looks like something isn’t working right up there. ¬†You didn’t add your ages, but I have a feeling both of you are pretty young. Why will you tell Ex Girlfriend “I don’t care and that I have a girlfriend” when she informs you of getting married?

You should have wished her “all the best” in marriage. Maybe you could have added that you wish the guy will take good care and love her. And that you want her to be happy forever, something you wished you could have given her. Now that would have been maturity!

Call or text her and make her aware you never cheated (she wouldn’t believe, and I don’t believe either :). And wish her the best in marriage. Let her go, because she’s a drama Queen. Life is already full of drama to bring on board more.

If indeed she was joking about marriage, maybe it was to test your feelings for her. If both of you love each other then you should grow up, put aside the childishness and get back together.


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