Long Distance Relationship Girlfriend Does Not Want Us to Meet

Hello,  I am dating girlfriend who lives about 250km from me. My long distance relationship girlfriend does not want us to meet. My girlfriend lives in Kumasi and I also lives in Accra.

We haven’t met each other yet so it’s been a long distance relationship from the very begging. We have talked on phone for five years for now.

I always performed my responsibility to my long distance girlfriend . My girlfriend doesn’t want me to meet her in person. I don’t know what do you now?

Please what I should do ?

Relationship Counseling on Long Distance Relationship Girlfriend

My brother, I’ve got news for you. You’re not in a long distance relationship with any girlfriend. 250Km shouldn’t take five years. Your supposed long distance girlfriend is up to something. She does not like you.

And did you say “you perform your responsibility?”. I hope you’re not sending money to your long distance girlfriend that you haven’t seen before. If yes, then you’ve been scammed for five years!

Please tell her if you can’t see her within two weeks (you have to travel there), then it’s over. Infact I admire your patience. I wouldn’t give call someone my girlfriend if I’ve not set eyes on the person physically.  That’s why I’ll advice against having a long distance relationship if you two haven’t met before. It just doesn’t make sense to me. But if you’re still interested, this article will teach you on How to Deal with Long Distance Relationships 


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