Does He Like Me; Guy Friend Giving Me Mixed Signals

I have this guy friend who I talk to online and he’s nice. The other day I saw him with his mates and when he noticed me he had a big smile and said hi. Then later on he was standing around talking with a few mates and I walked near him but he avoided eye contact and didn’t talk to me. I keep asking myself doe he like me?

So I said hello and he said what’s up and he looked a bit nervous and started chatting to his mates. Again, then while I was talking to my other friends, he came near my group with his mates and was looking at me.

I saw at the corner of my eye. Does he like me? He has mentioned he is a shy person to me.

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Relationship Advice on Does He Like Me?

Take thisĀ Does He Like Me Quiz .

It will show you whether he likes you or not.

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But honestly I think he likes you. Why don’t you make more physical contacts with him. Like touching him whiles talking, complimenting him etc.

Shy guys find it hard to approach hot girls, so if you’re pretty then you might have to approach him.

The most important question is “do you like him back?”. You guys put shyness behind you and go for what you both want. You’re in love!


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