Lack of Intimacy in Marriage ; Coping With Sexless Marriage

Hi. Am Victor. I have been married for 12 years and I have two children with my beautiful wife. For the first 6 years, we experienced a joyous marriage. Life was good! And God has enabled us to raise our children successfully. There’s lack of intimacy in marriage now.

But, problem came into our marriage. My wife just won’t agree to sleep with me. Everything around the house is good and we communicate well. But whenever I ask her she gets angry and I have to leave her.

We sleep on the same bed. She can’t even allow me to touch her or kiss her. Before it was fine. She would get aroused when I caress her or kiss her. What can I do?

Sexless Marriage

Marriage Counseling on Lack of Intimacy in Marriage

Women (and men) are emotional beings. Feeling for intimacy in marriage starts from the mind, not physical attraction. Look through the past and honestly find within yourself if you’ve done something that has offended.

She might not have voiced it out. However, when there is bitterness or unforgiveness the result is a sexless marriage.

Coping with Sexless Marriage talks about 20 ways to fix a sexless marriage.

It might surprise you, but the best way of dealing with sexless marriage is to stop complaining about it to your wife. She knows already, so rather start cuddling and doing the little romantic stuff you did when dating.

Take care of your physical appearance and look good (am sure you do, but if you don’t then you’ll need someone bold to tell you and that is us!). Personal hygiene is important.  Every wife needs a husband who bathes twice a day. If you don’t, better start buddy.

Don’t cheat, but still find a way to let your wife know that there’s competition out there. Maybe get a close female friend.  There are 3.7 billion women in the world. She better sit up.

All the best and don’t give up.

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