How Do I Get My Sister to Sleep With Me

I have a beautiful younger sister who I’m in love with. I thinking it’s just a coincidence we come from the same parents. She’s freaking hot and every time I have issues with her boyfriends because they ain’t good for her. I kissed my sister once and I knew she liked it, but acted all confused and let the room.  How do i get my sister to sleep with me?

It’s not like I want to sleep with my sister once and does it. Off course she’s my kid sister and I can’t hurt her. I really want to be with her for good. We share so many things in common. But for society’s crazy religious and cultural thing, I could have even married my sister.

I know for real marriage ain’t gonna happen. But at least how do i get my sister to sleep with me since I might end up forcing her which can be disastrous. Last time I tried it was a bit struggle. Don’t want that to happen again.

Counseling on how do i get my sister to sleep with me

Hi my friend, am even confused where to start from. I think the last thing you have to do is to try to sleep with your sister. It’s not just right. Emotionally, medically and everything you can think off. Just get it off your mind since it’s incest. I suggest you move away from her if seeing her often turns you on.

Start thinking positive about her instead. And guide her to pick a better boyfriend. Picture her when she was a little girl running after her hero big brother. Now did her hero turn into a dog?

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