Confused Gurl

Hi. I am currently in a complicated situation involving my crush. A while ago my crush, whom i only saw as a friend at the time, told me he liked me. Of course, I friendzoned him because I only liked him as a friend then. But as we started becoming closer friends and began trusting each other, I realized that I liked him too. However, there was a lot of conflict in my mind because he has dated several of my friends. Finally, I decided to tell him that I liked him. Unfortunately by then he had gotten over me, but when I told him, he admitted that he still had feelings for me a bit too.

Then it became really awkward and we got into this situation where we were deciding if we should “be together.” He wanted to be halfway in between boyfriend and girlfriend and just friends, and so did I but I’m not allowed to date yet so I wasnt sure what to do. He wanted to talk about it in person so we met but it was really awkward and I ended up just asking to be friends. Then he said that if we decided to only be friends we wouldnt talk as much and it would be awkward, so again we decided to be friends who like each other. He said he would wait to date me in high school, which was really cute. Then everything was cool for a while, but then one day he texted me saying he might want to try again in high school but for now just wants to be friends.

I played it cool and said okay, but what I really wanted was for us to be friends who like each other. I think he just gave up because I wasnt showing enough signs of being interested in him. Now we are still just friends but it is kind of awkward. How do I subtly let him know I want to be more than friends? He is an amazing friend and he always makes me smile. I really like him, but I am still not sure if I should like him because he has dated or liked so many of my friends. I am a confused girl and need some advice! Thanks!

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