Am i ready for marriage Quiz

Welcome to the Am I Ready for Marriage. There’s only one sure way to find out if you keep wondering whether you are ready for marriage. Just how ready do you think you are to settle down? Are you having doubts? Got any issues you’d like to be sure of before jumping the hurdle into the stream of marriage? Get rid of your doubts now! Take the Am I Ready for Marriage Quiz below. Let’s see what happens…

1) Do you have someone in mind when you think of settling down?
2) Does your partner have any intention of marrying you?
3) Do you think you are ready psychologically and emotionally for marriage?
4) Are you stable financially?
5) What is your general perception about marriage?
6) Are you prepared to spend the rest of your life with someone?
7) Is love the only element one needs to get married?
8) Do you see yourself quitting or staying in a marriage should it face any challenges?
9) Does money make marriage a happy one?
10) What preparation have you made towards marriage?

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    That’s totally something you have to analyze for yourself. You have to bare in mind that marriage is a whole new world on its own and things wont be just as you have thought.
    You need to be actually certain if that’s the person you would like to spend the rest of your life with. Consider his or financial status in aspect to raising a family. Marriage is not a sole thing, it’s a partnership so if you are not ready to be supportive and always dependant on the other then forget marrying.

  2. priness says:

    Marriage is a long journey which needs much preparation. One must be sure of his or her decisions before picking up this cross. And must also be sure of his or her feelings as well. And a little prayer as well as our third eye which is our instincts van also be of help.

  3. Leaky Martin says:

    I need the one who I can love forever