Are Psychics Real?

Most people may have come across commercials for psychic reading, but are psychics real? Psychic readings in general might sound complex, but most of you would be surprised to know that a psychic simply refers to someone who has gifted abilities to read the mind of others as well as forecasting their future. Really simple huh? Yeah…pretty much so! So are psychics real? Yes real psychics exist amongst us and just like you and I, they are real humans.  In simple terms, we can just call them Psychologist. The only difference that sets real psychics apart from us is their extraordinary abilities ranging from telepathy, clairvoyance, and even precognition as well as their being very much predisposed to paranormal stuff or activities.

Real Psychics

Are Psychics Real?

Real psychics however, exist in variant forms and the main distinguishing factor used in determining this is their individual possessive traits or specialty. Some possess the ability in reading the fortunes of one as well as determining what the future holds.

Other real psychics have the abilities in determining the love life and relationship aspect of a person. Our main focus point for emphasis on this topic will dwell on Love Psychics. Love psychics do not have that much difference in terms of the services provided. They are responsible for and specialize in the field of love and relationship issues mainly. From the determination of one’s future relationship with others to the prediction of one’s love partner. The love psychic is indeed a pro and expert in that field. Psychic readings about love have grown in these 21st century, becoming more popular in most homes, and one barely needs to stress him/herself since there are now online psychic readings through platforms such as Skype and what have yous.

An important fact to note about these psychic readings is that not everything said or done by these people is a 100% accurate or efficient. As humans as we all are they are subject to failure and inefficiency. Psychic readings may possess certain truth, but all these can fail too at some point. Also, not every self acclaimed psychic is really real. Owing to the fact that economic hardships in these times is taking its toll on everybody, some people out there might be disposed to take up the task of psychic readings whereas they hardly even know anything concerning the profession. This can lead to the wrong interpretation and channeling of messages to clients who may also take to the total belief.

An instance is when a psychic tells you to leave your spouse because he sees him cheating on you, whereas he hardly even knows anything about mind reading or future prediction therapies! You are left with the total belief in this so “psychic reading session”.  You might end up doing what psychics tell you to do without fully being aware of the mistake you’re making.  At the end of the day, you tarnish your relationship and cause a scar that could be permanent.  So in this situation are psychics real? No, these kind are not real psychics only money seekers. Furthermore, most love psychics can base their predictions of one’s future or relationship love life on personal interests. There’s the tendency to having a love psychic being biased and only giving one as much information as they would want. This leaves the client hanging at the end of the day, whereas problems lay unresolved.

are psychics real

Are Psychic Readings Real?


When one is able to know the outlook of the future, it places in the spot where the are able to plan and take precautions when it comes to decision making.. Also, where one is able to determine what his/her love life is going to look like or the kind of partner that will be gotten, you are less pressured into indulging in the tireless search for that perfect soul mate you desire and dream of. Its more or less like your bulk work is pretty much cut out for you and you hardly have to do much work towards reaching your goal in terms of your social or love life. Furthermore, real love psychics give one the realization of what they’re doing wrong in their pursuit of genuine or true love and end up guiding one towards the right direction and steps as to reaching what they want.

Most often, we might think we are doing things just right but aren’t really getting the desired feedback or results as expected. With real psychic readings we get to realize if what we’ve actually been doing all along was veered towards the wrong direction. Real love psychics also tend to repair and mend broken relationships or even deteriorated relationships. This is usually done by the kind of therapy session offered to clients who seem to be going through variant forms of relationship issues. Psychic readings shows them the right step and directions to take to solving the issues. Psychics don’t only concern themselves with the mere reading or interpretation of one’s future, they also make it part of their jobs to find ways and means in assisting clients towards the their relationships.

From the above, you all do agree with me that real psychics do exist and they play key roles in building the lives of most people who engage in their services. In today’s fast paced world, there exists globalization as well as an increasing pace in the various methods of doing things as compared to the days of old, and when it comes to the psychic readings as a profession, a whole new outlook and image has been carved. If one wishes to seek the help of a psychic, nothing is absolutely wrong with that. But one needs to however tread with caution in every sense of the word. But always bear in mind that, what might work for another, might not work for you. So if psychic readings don’t end up giving you the results you desire, you look elsewhere.

  Are Psychics Real? was written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.


2 Responses so far.

  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    I haven’t seen nor heard of anyone where i reside but i do believe they are real. There are so many forces on earth which enables people to do numerous things. Psychic might just be one of them.

  2. Princess says:

    I know psychics do exist. But we should be careful with how we deal with them. Because there are some forces on earth that get involved in this, and the end of it is not the best. What I know is everybody has a third eye. Just that we don’t make good use of it or we discover it and leave it dormant. This third eye am talking about is our instincts. This is one of the best gift God gave us and communicate to us though it. Just that we don’t pay attention to our instincts. So instead of waiting for psychics to solve our relationship problems for us, we can do that ourselves with the little wisdom God gave us and a little prayer before we mess up with their ideas.