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About Relationship Counselor

Love Doctor is a very open minded person. Gives true love advice and states it as it is in order for the person to get the message unadulterated.

Does He Want to Settle

Hello Love Doc! I have been in a relationship for two years now. My boyfriend is 40 and am 25. I really love him so much and sometimes I feel it’s a mutual feeling. Other times he gets distant. He is a father of two boys,9 and 5 but I have never met them. We […]

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My Boyfriend Wants to Breakup Because He Wants a Child

Hello Love Doctor help me. I am a 3rd yr student and been in a relationship for 16 months. My boyfriend wants a kid. I have always convinced my boyfriend to wait. My boyfriend is insisting on breakup because he wants a kid and have denied him and he is serious about it. What do […]

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My Wife Says She is Not In Love With Me

Hi! A few months ago my wife of 19 years mentioned that she’s “not in love with me, but still loves me”… My impulse is to ask for a divorce since I have read that it means she’s looking for another relationship. We do things together all the time (bike rides, long drives, dining), so […]

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Girl Wants a Phone Before Making Love

I’ve been dating a girl for 7 months now without making love. My girlfriend wants me to buy her a phone before making love to me. ¬†Does she love me or she’s just pretending? Relationship Advice on Dealing With a Gold Digger My friend, if you’re going to pay to make love, then there are […]

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I Think My Wife Had an Affair and She’s Lying

Let me give you a brief rundown of events before I ask my question. Eight months ago, I caught my wife coming out of another man’s house drunk after she went on a date with him at a strip club for her birthday. After that night I began to search through her message and social […]

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My Baby’s Mama Wants Marriage

I am having a relationship with a lady who have a child for me, but we are having a lot of problems. Let me explain a little more to you, I have a child with a lady and she is asking me to marry her but I don’t want to marry her due what she […]

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My Relationship is in Crises

Me and my girlfriend have been having disagreements for a while now. We end up making promises not to hurt each other but she ends up hurting me again. How? Well, she recently got a job attachment and ever since she never creates time for us even after work leave alone contacting me the whole […]

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I’m Confused About this Guy

First of all, I’m a guy and he’s a guy too. ( I’m bisexual) he used to be my bestfriend and im actually have a crush on him since 3 yrs ago when i started to be friend with him. He seems straight in all ways. But i stopped talking to him about one year […]

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