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Lack of Intimacy in Marriage ; Coping With Sexless Marriage

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Hi. Am Victor. I have been married for 12 years and I have two children with my beautiful wife. For the first 6 years, we experienced a joyous marriage. Life was good! And God has enabled us to raise our children successfully. There’s lack of intimacy in marriage now. But, problem came into our marriage. […]

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I Think My Husband is Cheating

I’ve been married for about a year. My husband and I decided to try for a baby soon after marriage and we were pregnant in about 4 months. Unfortunately we lost the baby at 15 weeks. This was 6 weeks ago. My husband and I were both so excited for a baby and when I […]

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Does He Want to Settle

Hello Love Doc! I have been in a relationship for two years now. My boyfriend is 40 and am 25. I really love him so much and sometimes I feel it’s a mutual feeling. Other times he gets distant. He is a father of two boys,9 and 5 but I have never met them. We […]

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My Wife Says She is Not In Love With Me

Hi! A few months ago my wife of 19 years mentioned that she’s “not in love with me, but still loves me”… My impulse is to ask for a divorce since I have read that it means she’s looking for another relationship. We do things together all the time (bike rides, long drives, dining), so […]

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I Think My Wife Had an Affair and She’s Lying

Let me give you a brief rundown of events before I ask my question. Eight months ago, I caught my wife coming out of another man’s house drunk after she went on a date with him at a strip club for her birthday. After that night I began to search through her message and social […]

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My Baby’s Mama Wants Marriage

I am having a relationship with a lady who have a child for me, but we are having a lot of problems. Let me explain a little more to you, I have a child with a lady and she is asking me to marry her but I don’t want to marry her due what she […]

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My Husband Parties Till Late

My husband is amazing and I am so in love with him. However, we have just been married 2 short months and the partying is not slowing down. He owns his own business and can come and go as he pleases. As for me, I work a 7am job. He goes out at least 2 […]

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My Husband is a Workaholic What Should I do

Hi love dr. Desperately need your help. I am a 27 year old woman. It’s been 3 yrs for my marriage and it’s a love marriage after 8 years long relationship. After getting married my husband has stopped giving me time. You won’t believe it, but since my marriage my husband has not taken me […]

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