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Other issues affecting young people

He Doesn’t Appreciate Me

I love my guy so much but he doesn’t seem to see or appreciate the love i have for him. I do everything a woman can do for a guy but my boyfriend still doesn’t appreciate me.  What should I do? Should I leave my boyfriend?

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My Personal Relationship with People

I’m a guy of 22 yrs of age. My question is this- people always think bad of me. Their attitude towards me tells everything that they hate me. Because of that, they drive me away from them and embarrass me as i forced myself to get closer to them. They always say things which are […]

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My associates gossip about a girl friend I have

This is not a pure love question, but bothers me a bit. I was having lunch with three people I respect and admire a lot. In the middle of our lunch they all start criticizing a close friend of mine not knowing she is my friend. The criticism is distasteful and unjustified. How should I […]

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