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How Do I Get My Sister to Sleep With Me

I have a beautiful younger sister who I’m in love with. I thinking it’s just a coincidence we come from the same parents. She’s freaking hot and every time I have issues with her boyfriends because they ain’t good for her. I kissed my sister once and I knew she liked it, but acted all […]

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Does He Like Me; Guy Friend Giving Me Mixed Signals

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I have this guy friend who I talk to online and he’s nice. The other day I saw him with his mates and when he noticed me he had a big smile and said hi. Then later on he was standing around talking with a few mates and I walked near him but he avoided […]

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Long Distance Relationship Girlfriend Does Not Want Us to Meet

Hello,  I am dating girlfriend who lives about 250km from me. My long distance relationship girlfriend does not want us to meet. My girlfriend lives in Kumasi and I also lives in Accra. We haven’t met each other yet so it’s been a long distance relationship from the very begging. We have talked on phone […]

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Difference Between Love and Infatuation Explained

Recently, I had just discovered the difference between love and infatuation. While reading and understanding between true love or lust, I discovered that I might be infatuated with a boy in my class. To be honest, I had already confessed my love towards him. Now knowing about all this infatuation stuff, it feels like the […]

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My Ex Girlfriend Confuses Me

Hey. I need some help. My ex girlfriend initiated contact with me. She wanted to know how I am.. Soon after I got another message from her saying that she misses me and loves me. I’m still the love of her life and she can’t love anyone the way she loves me. Then last night […]

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My Boyfriend is a Pedophile

Good day. I trust you are well. I am having a huge love crisis and I am in need of desperate advice. I have dated this guy for more than 1 year already. He told me long ago early in the relationship he is a attracted to younger girls. I found this out as he […]

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Does He Want to Settle

Hello Love Doc! I have been in a relationship for two years now. My boyfriend is 40 and am 25. I really love him so much and sometimes I feel it’s a mutual feeling. Other times he gets distant. He is a father of two boys,9 and 5 but I have never met them. We […]

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My Boyfriend Wants to Breakup Because He Wants a Child

Hello Love Doctor help me. I am a 3rd yr student and been in a relationship for 16 months. My boyfriend wants a kid. I have always convinced my boyfriend to wait. My boyfriend is insisting on breakup because he wants a kid and have denied him and he is serious about it. What do […]

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