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I Want to Break Up With a Charming Guy

Dear Love Dr, So, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over 2 years and we live together. For the past, I’d say 6-8 months I’ve had this “feeling” like he’s not the one. We’ve talked about this a few months ago but he convinced me to give it another shot. But now I’m just unhappy […]

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I can’t move on after break up

Hi Love Dr, You can call me Bobby. I have a past relationship and we broke up without even clearing issues or having closures. Because of that I was deeply hurt to the extent that I changed my lifestyle because I couldn’t move on – that was 3 years ago. Then, I wanted to escape […]

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My ex-boyfriend found out that I cheated

Dear love Dr, I am 14 years old I know am too young and all but I need your help. I have a boyfriend and he found out that I am dating another guy before him. Before he found out, I had told him we had to break up because my dad found out that […]

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My boyfriend is secretive and wants to make out always

Hey am a girl who has been dating a guy from 2011. We were once lovers but we broke up and on 25/12/2011 we got back with each. We seem to be a happy couple because his family knows me and they love me. My problem is that he is not really open to me. I don’t […]

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Does He Love Me Back?

Hello Sir, My name is Pinky. I am hereby expressing myself honestly and appropriately. I have a very good friend and we share a beautiful bond. I know him quite well and the best part about him is his honesty. For our lovely bond one fine day we decided that we can share our body. […]

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My Boyfriend and Father of my baby is on drugs

Good day. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for more than 5 years and we share a beautiful little girl of 2 years old. My boyfriend is using drugs. He sniff cat like hell. He leaves us at home every night to go out with his friend than come back after hours like nothing is wrong. […]

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