Unplanned Pregnancy – What Went Wrong?

Pregnancies are a great thing  of  joy for most lady’s out there no matter the circumstance involved at the time of expectancy…,but when not properly timed or planned, could change the life of one completely. An unplanned pregnancy as known to most of us can be said to be the kind of pregnancy which is not planned or prepared for, in other words, untimed at any point in time in a relationship. It could happen between couples who are married but most especially can be identified with couples who are yet to tie the knot or involved in really simple un-attached kind of relationship. Most of these relationships tend to rule out any form of child birth whatsoever due to the lack of time or unpreparedness towards parenting and as such when there’s a sudden change in plans owing to the emergence of a pregnancy, there’s a loophole created in the relationship which could either be permanent or temporal.

One may ask how an unexpected pregnancy can emerge when one is in a relationship that’s not marital attesting to the fact that there do exist ways and means of avoiding such unexpected scenarios…., but the thing is, one can never really be too sure and a hundred percent careful when it comes to these issues as any and everything is likely to happen. Now why don’t we take a look at some of the likely causes of unexpected pregnancies…..

unexpected pregnancies

How do unwanted pregnancies occur

  • The High usage of contraceptives in today’s modern age coupled with its accompanied failure and elapses has come about to be known as one of the leading causes of unplanned and unexpected pregnancies. Variant Contraceptive means of preventing unplanned pregnancies and the generation of drugs to support this over some years past, have managed to attain and produce valuable results for most users, but in recent times, not much assured progress can be chalked down. Failures of contraceptive methods in preventing pregnancies arise mostly from the improper usage of the drugs or a loss in the efficacy of the method in performing its function due to imitations on the drug market. When one faces any of the above, the possibility of having an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy is very high.
  • Also, unplanned pregnancies may occur when divergent views or disparities regarding both partners’ preparedness towards baby making exists. This is to mean that, there could arise that very possible circumstance where one partner may desire to have children contrary to the other partner’s refusal or unintentions not to have any, and by so doing, the obvious need to put in place preventory means of avoiding unexpected pregnancies will be tuned off. In such a case, the pregnancy becomes an unexpected one to the other partner who might at this point not be in need of any of such unexpectancies, and owing to this may lead to an eventual refusal of owing up to responsibilities in relation with the pregnancy.


  • Furthermore, the lack of adequate knowledge concerning ones reproductive health and sex as a whole can lead to the creation of an unplanned pregnancy. When one lacks the know-how in relation with their body’s reproductive traits and how to ascertain certain changes regarding engaging in sex; untimely errors such as unplanned pregnancies are bound to arise. one is caught unawares at such a time when they find out they’re months gone due to the fact that they never really had much knowledge in regards to their reproductive or sexual health as well as possible means of avoiding such situations.


  • Unplanned pregnancies can also emerge out of the resulting effects of a rape suffered. with the circumstance where one experiences or goes through the trauma of rape, an unplanned pregnancy is likely to arise owing to the fact that not much preparation is made regarding having sexual relations and as such there exists no preparatory measures put in place to avoid the issue of an unplanned and unexpected pregnancy. In such circumstances, one has no choice but to face the burden of having an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Last but not the least, the rejection or refusal of one in using contraceptive or birth control methods could lead to the eventual occurrence of having an unplanned pregnancy. Contraceptives have managed in playing a very important role when it comes to the prevention of unplanned pregnancies. Even though it can’t be said to be totally secure or a hundred percent safe, the use of contraceptives at least places one on the safe side as compared to not having any form of protection about engaging in sexual activities. You run a greater risk of getting pregnant and carrying a baby you never even dreamed of having, talk less of planning for.


Pregnancy that’s unplanned or untimed can change the life and relationship of one drastically. It could lead to the break of a once happy and flourishing relationship, putting an end and severing the tie between both partners to be marred just by the mere expectation of a baby not planned for by the partners. When one is not married, the effects can be even more grave and overbearing in some instances. There exist that chance of having to cater and finance an incoming baby unplanned for; plans as well as aspirations are distorted and life in general literally turns upside down.


Extra care and caution therefore must be observed when aiming at preventing and avoiding unplanned pregnancies. The right usage and administration of birth control methods or contraceptives should be employed by every sexually matured person out there who neither considers having children or parenting at any given point in time in a relationship. Absolute abstinence from unprotected sex should be observed if one does not wish to have kids especially when not married. Children they say are a blessing from God, and their presence in our lives need a welcoming reception. Circumstances needn’t ever take away that love, care and affection we owe them upon their entry or arrival into our lives. We need to plan for their arrival and ensure that they have that reception they’ve always deserved. When not married, be sure to engage in unprotected sexual activities only and if one is ready and definite on having a baby in case any thing should go wrong. You have the ability to prevent an unplanned pregnancy from occurring in the first place. It all balls down to your decisions and actions. Be safe and avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    You took things for granted, that’s what went wrong. It’s either you protect yourself before sex or after. There are pills you could have easily used to prevent it. What done is done.. you simply have to give birth and take good care of the child. Total abstinence should have been your aim if you had no intention of having a kid.

  2. priness says:

    One thing is, we have to take responsibility for our actions. Though we think we are extra careful but mistakes are bound to occur. We should just set our priorities right. Don’t get into something you can’t bear it’s consequences. Just protect yourself during sex. One can also get pregnant through rape, which is rather unfortunate. But trust me even with this, you will be fine.