Dating a Married Man

Right or wrong many young girls/women today “have a thing” for married men. Reasons for dating a married man vary from financial to emotional attachment to a married ex boyfriend. A married man getting involved with another woman is not living in line with their marriage vows. If you have feeling of dating a married man, these are some tips to consider when you are dating him.

Clarify Terms of Affair When Dating a Married Man

When dating a married man, you have to clarify the terms of the affair from the start. Having an affair with someone else’s husband is usually trip from ecstatic highs to a depressing end. Understand the basics of what you are getting into and what your status is. This will help you avoid pointless heartbreaks. You have to make sure that you and your married lover set boundaries of your relationship.

Keep Jealousy in Check if You Are into Married Men

dating a married man

When dating a married man you have to keep your feelings of jealousy in check. If you are a married man’s lover you have to bear in mind that he has a wife and would be spending most of his time with his wife and family. You have to come to terms with the fact that you are the other woman and in no way let your jealousy get the better of you. Otherwise it can lead you into making decisions that can ruin his family, your lover or yourself.



Don’t Contact Your Married Man’s Family

Contacting your married boyfriend’s family is unhealthy and unpleasant thing to do. Unless you aim to destroy his marriage. Mistresses should distance themselves from their married man’s home, family and his children. Never try to position yourself between your married lover and his family.  This advice is for your own self-interest and your married lover as well. You’re in effect forcing him to choose between you and his family.

Dating a Married Man is Challenging

Questions to ask before marriage

Brace yourself for the challenge because dating a married man can cause some drama! This happens if their intentions are not worthy and it’s obvious they’re not.

The married man can deceive you for months, even years, and leave you confused about why there is no commitment. Moreover you have to recognize that you have no emotional, legal or financial claim. You need to understand that he can only be a minute part of your life. He will never be more than that. You need to have a life that works and that is full enough to withstand the pain of the eventual breakup.

To Sum All Up

Understand that if the married man decides to divorce for his wife, the survival of your marriage is low.  If he is living this deception today, can you trust him if you get into a legitimate relationship?

Take into account that you only know what he tells you. He’s already a liar since he is living a lie with his wife and family. There are many dating sites for married people, but just before you visit check out dating websites for singles instead!


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  1. mohsin says:

    Hifrendz wazz up.9730561145

  2. says:

    Nearly the same goes for dating a married woman. It can never work out and eventually leads to frustration and heartbreak!

    • chantelle iris says:

      yeah…pretty much the case. but most people don’t know this. to some, it’s just really about dating someone for the fun of being in a relationship. but when emotions are involved, people have to be careful.

  3. Jane says:

    Seriously? this is so wrong. Don’t get me wrong this can be quite true, how ever there are happy healthy relationships where the man/woman is married and there is a girlfriend/boyfriend as well. this does not make them a mistress/ lover/ paramour. This can be a very happy and healthy relationship.
    This load of Drivel sound like a bible thumping blast from someone who got burned.
    How sad

    • Debi says:

      oh, u think so? “Bible-thumping blast”?. Sadder for you.

    • Can't belive says:

      @Jane….Seriously???!!! I really wonder which Bible you are reading or which one you have heard of that supports your statement. As for Bible thumping, do you tell the State Trooper or City Police that they are “thumping” you with the law when they ticket you for speeding (if you have ever received a speeding ticket). What is wrong, is the above notion that such a “relationship” exists and that now, someone feels that they need to give “survival…I mean helpful guidelines” to enrich and enjoy said relationship.I know the writer started off saying “Right or wrong many young girls/women today “have a thing” with a man who is married.” Let me be clear, “It is wrong!” What is sad… is the fact that when something is wrong, we need to polish it up to make it something great and wonderful.

    • Kwaku says:

      From your response, it’s obvious you’re caught up in such a web.

    • nana says:

      if u ever get married, i hope u hubby takes a mistress and then u can give this advise to ur hubby, his mistress n urself. i won’t be surprise if thats what u do, dating married men

    • chantelle iris says:

      You might think you are happy dating a married man, but he is never really yours to keep. he will go to you and have a nice time, no doubt about that. he might love you, yes. but he’s MARRIED. every night he goes back home and lies next to his wife. because he paid to be be with her. she’s known as his WIFE. No one will recognize you a his wife. that’s emotionally frustrating and annoying for me. not everyone would want to be the mistress of a married a married man. but, hey some people prefer that and it works for them.

    • chantelle iris says:

      No one said dating a married man was wrong. the thing is, its not considered ideal in certain communities. it is very much frowned upon so the tendency of such a relationship making it far is questionable. if you are the the type who enjoys just having flings and really not settling for serious commitments, leading to marriage then dating a married man is ideal for you.
      but if you want something serious and dependable, dating a married man is not right for you.
      he’s married as you know, so what right do you have over him? family and wife will come first for him. you are just present to keep him company and heal his heart of any complications faced in his marriage… to be more specific, you are just a tool of satisfaction.
      but hey, if he does not love his wife anymore, who knows. he might leave her and come for you. keep praying. it might work.

  4. Kojo says:

    Is it right that your spouse is sexually and/or emotionally involved with another person aside you?? Would it be right as long as its a “healthy and happy” relationship?? Would you counsel them as to how to make such a relationship work?? Or would you tell them to put an end to it, perhaps because it violates the integrity of the marriage and the vows shared??

    Put yourself in the shoes of others and do the right thing.

  5. JC says:

    Why on earth would you want to date a married man or woman? Of all the single and dateable folks around, why go try enjoying ‘something’ that ain’t yours? Ridiculous!

  6. WILLIE says:

    A lot of men/women fall victim to this problem but I think it is part of human nature. When you fall a victim pray and the Good Lord will redeem you from it and you will be a good TEACHER

    • Abyna says:

      There is no substitute for what the Good book says its wrong. what is wrong is wrong. but you will never understand until you fall a victim. its just takes Grace, to be out of such an uncomfortable situation, which is pretty sweet at the start but pretty ugly and messy at the end. ladies lets just be content and trust God, He always has His timing right.

  7. chantelle iris says:

    Thing is, no one is judging the people who date married men. no way. but its really dependent on you and how your conscience judges you. if you feel dating married men is what gives you the satisfaction you so crave for, then go ahead. but if you are not the type who likes such relationship, then do not go into it in the first place. that’s all we are saying. it will be wrong to point fingers and judge someone merely because their preference or choice differs from that of the ordinary choice of everybody.