Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

So you’re interested in dating a shy guy but he is not giving you the right signals? There are two steps for dating shy guys.  First find out the signs of him loving you and then take steps to express your feelings to him in ways that will make both of you comfortable.

Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

signs a shy guy likes you

Dating a shy guy can be difficult from the very beginning, but once you get past the initial stages expect a safe haven for yourself.  From the very beginning avoid asking questions that are intimate.  Example: Do you love me? Of course he does! And you know the answer already so why ask?

Some girls even go to the extent of asking his friends whether the shy guy is really interested in her.  This is crazy and has two big downsides.  It makes you appear too needy and it will embarrass the shy guy especially if he hasn’t told the friends about him having intentions of dating you.  Expect a breakup even before the relationship begins.

So how can you tell if a shy guy likes you and want to be dating you? Simple

  • Find out how he acts towards you as compared to the rest of the girls. If the shy guy likes you, he’ll treat you special compared to the rest of his female friends. Chances are he has dating intentions with you.  Look out for him when he is with other girls especially if he is relaxed around them. He might not have any dating intentions thus making him relaxed.
  • Nervousness can be a sign a shy guy likes you.  Thinking of getting intimate with someone makes you nervous around them especially if you’re the shy type.  He might even have difficulty carrying on a conversation with with.  But relax and smile at him, once the love established that is it!
  • Another sign a shy guy loves you is when he puts in the effort to look good around you.


How to express love to a shy guy

Now that the signs a shy guy likes you are clear, you’re sure of him loving to date you but you definitely can’t play friends game for ever.  You need to help him out of his shells.  Look out for something he is really good at and ask him to help you out with it. Is he an IT expert? Ask him to help you fix your laptop, update antivirus, install a program or something. If he’s good in academic ask for help doing some homework. Make sure not to ask a Sociology student to explain calculus to you. Hope you get the twist.  He helping you will build confidence in him around you.

Compliment him afterwards and make him feel good.  If Mr. Shy Guy compliments you back then voila! The shyness is gradually moving away.

Hangout with him alone at places he loves. If he’s into soccer go watch with him, get some pop corn and hit the movies or play a video game together with him etc.  Avoided places like restaurants that will require straight conversation.  Restaurants are a formal dating environment and I don’t even recommend it for guys who aren’t shy. Couples act fake and you don’t get to know the real person.  Furthermore its expensive and not fun.

During your hangouts make sensitive touches and see if he avoids it.  If he doesn’t then he’s enjoying it and wants more. Hug him tight and close, next time hug and give him a peg. Again if he doesn’t pull away chances are he likes you.  Now finally, you’ve done your best but this dude doesn’t want to come out of his shell?

You know what, break that shell and bring him out by force! Do not ask him whether he likes you, tell him. Tell him you love him and wait for a yes or no answer. Good luck girl!

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  2. priness says:

    A shy guy is always nervous around a lady. Forgets what to say. Sweats in front of a lady. Does not sit close to a lady. Steal glances etc.