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Ask Love Doctor provides relationship advice for singles.  Most people relationship problems, but do not have anyone to provide them with counseling. Our style of giving relationship advice is to tell the truth no matter how it hurts. People in relationships seek advice from loved ones who are usually afraid to hurt their feelings. We are not that scared – if we have to counsel you to break up with a love you’ve been dating for long, we will. If we think you need relationship counseling to stay more committed we will give you free counseling.

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Below are common love questions 

Relationship Advice 1: Things are moving too fast

Some couples can go from casual dating to serious very quickly because they have so much in common or they have so much chemistry (I wonder where the term good chemistry came from).  That is not the best because couples who have just started dating are usually blinded by love or they’re simply tired of being alone and would rather be dating anyone to feel loved.  It is unhealthy for the dating game to get too serious way too fast and if you find yourself in such a relationship, you might start looking for ways to step on the brakes.

The danger here is that your partner might think you might be losing interest in him/her so you have to be smart about it. Doing things like group dating, avoiding spending the nights together and making post-date plans will keep you from spending all of your free time with him/her.  This will make things feel a little less serious-at least for the time being.

Relationship Advice 2: How do I know it’s time for break-up?

Relationship Advice

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This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people stay in committed relationships that make them miserable. If you or a good friend of yours is unhappy with a their partner, bringing things to an end might require a serious wake-up call. Obvious signs  the dating game needs to end include physical and emotional abuse, constant arguments and the feeling that you’re doing things out of obligation rather than out of love.


Relationship Advice 3: I’m I in an Abusive Relationship?

Well, you are the best person to know not us.  Yes, the most common type of abusive relationship is the physical abuse where one partner (mostly the lady) becomes the punching bag.  But there’s an everyday kind of abuse – that’s the emotional equivalent.    But there are millions of people who are being psychologically abused and manipulated.

Even as he/she’s pushing you away and doing things to hurt you emotionally, your partner will be begging you not to leave her and promising to change.  That is the reason many people keep dating an abuser – they hope for change. Well, I got news for you – change isn’t going to happen!

If you or a friend of yours is dating someone like this, you need to first recognize the problem and then take steps to end the relationship.  We never advice fixing an unhealthy relationship, it’s better you find someone new.

Relationship Advice 4: I’m afraid to talk about sex to my partner. How do I go about it.

There comes a time  when you may feel you are not getting what you want or that you are not satisfying your woman or man. Even couples who have been dating for long can be incompatible sexually.

Like it or not, making love is an integral part of any relationship, and bad sex is often a symptom of other problems rather than a problem on its own. If you love and trust your partner, and you can communicate your needs and insecurities, then there should be no obstacles to having mind-blowing sex.

If sitting down together and having a talk session about improving your sex life is too difficult, you may find that it is easier for you to show your partner what you want done differently or guide your partner during lovemaking. You may even find that your partner might have suggestions of his/her own. If you keep an open mind and attitude, you can avoid offending him/her and actually improve both of your styles and skills in the bedroom.


Relationship Advice 5: Is she playing Hard to get?

Well, every guy faces that dilemma in life. Whether you want to keep on chasing a hard to get girl or a girl who is willing give you what you deserve without making you chase her around like a toy. That choice is a personal. But I’ll rather prefer dating a girl who was a little bit hard to get than one who just jumped into bed. Again that’s a personal choice.

This question will be more of dating advice for men, but it’s helpful for the girls too so read on for some tips. These playing hard to get women usually give you another date when you set up a date with her, she may tell you that she is busy that particular night, to call her next week when her schedule is not as hectic. Doing this shows she’s interested in going out with you, but containing her availability. She may even agree to go out with you on a certain night and then at the last minute, calls and cancels to reschedule.  This one throws me off so girls don’t do that especially if the man is a busy person.

A lady who is playing hard to get will want to know everything about you including your family, your life as a child, and your tastes in things like food, music and movies.  Once she gets some pieces of information she will abruptly change the subject by moving the conversation elsewhere. More than likely, what she’s doing is trying to catalog your interests so that she can slowly be committed with you when she’s ready.  Make no mistake, if a woman is asking you questions about income, run!

Relationship Advice 6: Answering calls during dates

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Regularly answering cell phone calls (especially from the opposite sex) while you are out together with your partner is unacceptable. When you’re on a date with your partner, letting him/her see you silence your phone or turn it off completely shows that he/she has your undivided attention.  This also shows want a committed relationship because you are ready to give your partner your all.  Unless you’re a medical or security officer on call, there shouldn’t be communications.

It is also a sign of unhealthy relationship on the way. Why can’t you give your man or woman 2 hours without talking to friends on phone. I once picked up a girlfriend for a date 30 minutes away.  She got a phone call from a guy and spoke on phone for close to 20 minutes. Without saying a word I turn around the car and headed in the direction of her home. She stopped the call (we ended up going on the date anyway), but that attitude did not stop. Well, she is an ex now.


Relationship Advice 7: How do I keep my partner wanting more?

The majority of people give away all the surprises and all the interesting facts about themselves way too soon. Place some limit on things like phone conversations, leaving just as the conversation good. If the person wants a committed relationship they will be eager to seek for more information about you right from the very beginning but don’t give in. By being a challenge, an interested man/woman will begin making calls and suggestions to see you again and will make his/her intentions more obvious as time goes by. Do not give out all your details on your first date. Be yourself and don’t try to impress.


Relationship Advice 9: What should I do on a first date

You need to make a good impression (not impress) on your first date.  There are fun activities, many as simple as going for a long walk or a picnic, that won’t break the bank but will still have you standing out in her eyes.  Again don’t spend a fortune on the first date.  Women who are truly in love with you wouldn’t expect you to blow up your money.


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