Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Virgin

The issue of virginity is a thorny and complicated one, but as usual at Ask Love Dr we are not afraid to express our opinion on untouchable issues.  There is a reason the are very few books on virginity even though it is a popular issue. People are afraid to express their opinions ~ we are not. Variant opinions with regard to definition of virginity has been given, and also views held by different religion, culture and societies makes this topic more complicated and interesting. In this article, we explore; the definition of virginity, the advantages and disadvantages of being a virgin before marriage, the different opinions given by culture, religion and society, and more importantly how to deal with a partner who has different views of abstaining before marriage. Then we live you to answer the question of whether you’re a virgin! Some call themselves secondary while some of us should classify ourselves tertiary or even post graduate virgins.

Virginity Definition

Virginity is referred to as a state of a person who has not been involved in any sexual intercourse. For some, as long as one has not had penetration that fellow is a virgin. This definition raises a lot of objections and counter- argument to who is really a virgin.

Even, to others a person remains a virgin as long as that fellow has not given consent to any sexual activity. So, even if someone is sexually abused, that fellow still remains a virgin. Some people do not even care about being a virgin or not till marriage, what they regard most is how they feel about their previous love making experience, thus, whether they can learn something from it, in order to improve upon their sexual relations in future.

Cultural, Religion and Societal views on virginity

Most culture and religion sees virginity as a state of purity, innocence, uncorrupted, integrity among others. So, the first act of sexual intercourse by a female and in some cases a male is regarded as an important personal milestone in that person’s life. Traditionally, in most societies, there is a cultural expectation that a female refrain from any pre-marital sex and that she should present herself spotless and virgin to her husband on the day of her wedding.  But does this really happen? And why are only women pressured? This practice is normally accompanied by the woman wearing a veil on the gown and that she will “give up” her virginity to her new husband in the act of consummation of the marriage. Even in some cultures, instruments such as menstrual cup, tampon, medical examinations and other practices that may break the hymen is prohibited.


Advantages and disadvantages of being a virgin before marriage

Insistence on virginity before marriage by most societies and cultures as well as religions comes with a lot of benefit to the individual. It has been pointed out that one being a virgin before marriage is a sign of loyalty and love for the person he or she marries. Your spouse will trust and cherish you more, and marital conflicts are lessened. A virgin stands the advantage of bringing honor to her family and avoids most of the dramas associated with sexual relationships with ex-partners. Not to talk about dodging unwanted pregnancies and diseases a virgin in fact enjoys the blessing that comes with marriage and he or she earn the respect of his or her love. On the other side of the coin, few can mentioned with regard to the disadvantages of been a virgin. Few people will choose not to marry a virgin because, that fellow will lack sexual experience and as such may not be performing well. But, it is not always too late to learn when that fellow gets married.

So, what happens if your partner has contrary views to keeping yourself before marriage? It better both of you talk and come to a consensus that sex is not everything in a relationship and that, it is important to take your time and know yourselves very well before marriage. Knowledge of the fact that both of you have kept yourselves unspotted and clean before marriage will bring glory to yourselves, family and ultimately enjoy all the blessings that comes with marriage.

Are you a virgin?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Virgin was written by Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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  1. ashwani says:

    I am from Punjab.i find a good girlfriend and good relation with her if she want.

  2. Appiah says:

    I was datin a humble girl n we are happy in our relationship. n a few ago we had a pity issue n she has left me lonely.

  3. Mansah Eno says:

    Virginity is a symbol of our dignity, therefore is high time ladies preserve and accept what God has given us before our time of marriage.

  4. priness says:

    Hmmmm. this issue of virginity is very delicate and should be handled with care. It’s obvious and very right to keep your virginity till marriage since it comes along with happiness and fulfillment but does it mean you wouldn’t be happy in your marriage if you are not a virgin? Does it mean you are not descent if you are not a virgin? Does it mean you are not religious or God fearing if you are not a virgin? I always say this”never say this won’t happen to you, because life has a funny way of proving us wrong”. And what of the innocent girls whose virginity was broken by useless person through rape. Am not a victim though but it hurts when you hear such stories. Does it mean such girls are not worth it? I will say a big NO to all these questions. Though virginity is a woman’s pride and it is very appropriate to keep it, but like i said we all make mistakes and no one should be fast to judge. It could have being you or me. Let’s just pray that it ends well.