Effects of Abortion and Post-Abortion Syndromes

Abortion is the forceful removal of an embryo from the womb before its full growth or ability to survive outside the womb. Effects of abortion are usually not disclosed to you by abortion clinics. So find all you need to know here before making a decision.

An estimated (by WHO) 44 million abortions occurs every year. The higher percentage of most of these abortions are unsafe. Also, most of these unsafe termination of pregnancy may cause the immediate death of a person or even lead to other life threatening consequences. We all through various means know some of the basic effects of Abortions.

Some of the Effects of Abortion

effects of abortion

The are many effects of abortion on women. Abortion Clinics will not usually disclose to you

  • physical exhaustion
  • intense pain
  • cervical rapture or damage
  • infected uterus (perforated womb)
  • endometriosis
  • hemorrhaging
  • abdominal damage
  • migraine( severe headache)
  • inflammatory pelvic disorders

It may interest you to know that the above mentioned effects of abortion is only a percentage.  There are other long lasting and hurtful effects known as the Post-Abortion syndrome (PAS). 

Post-Abortion syndrome (PAS)

When a woman undergoes termination of pregnancy, there are several changes that take place within and outside the body. Most often, the time, stress, emotional pain and general trauma faced by women not recorded at abortion clinics.

Again, the interest for abortion clinics is to get it done irrespective of what a patient may be going through.  Sudden shock, as well as the feeling of guilt and remorse can build up in the mind of a woman. This leads to emotions getting drawn back and suppressed just to avoid public scrutiny.   Post-abortion syndromes exist in several forms as mentioned or categorized above earlier. Let’s take a look at some serious Post-Abortion Syndromes which poses a threat to most women.

Post-Abortion syndrome (PAS) Includes:

  • Experiencing eating disorders which could lead to excessive weight loss in the long run.
  • Difficulty in sex due to cervical pain, frigidity or tightening of the female reproductive organ.
  • Unable to have normal and good sound sleep. Associated disorders like nightmares emerge as a result of the trauma faced. Going through that whole process of murdering a baby may lead to the hampering of effective sleep.

    Post Abortion Syndrome

    Post Abortion Syndrome. Have you thought of that?

  • Severe violence or aggression towards others and against themselves. The effect of guilt as women tend to feel they or others are to blame for the loss of the unborn baby. Violent attacks when patients get to reminded of anything that had got to do with the termination of pregnancy.
  • Experiencing emotional numbness and coldness towards anything that one may come into contact with. This may lead to patients getting drawn back in normal life routines.  A woman may even end up getting admitted into psychiatric homes.
  • Trouble with relationships: Especially in with the sexual intimacy part with a partner. A woman may feel unexcited to engage in any real physical connection with their partners. She may deny their lovers of having any such privileges.  If the other partner is not understanding, it could lead to an eventual breakup. This could transgress into later forms of severe depression. Depression could lead patients into seeking solace in drugs and alcohol abuse.
  • Immense trauma associated with the performance of the act of aborting a baby. There’s the usual guilty sense of murder and this thought keeps getting to them. It leaves the abortion patient filled with utter fear, anxiety, frustration and emotional torture.  Women who perform abortion are never left alone even after several years have elapsed. The conscience of terminating a pregnancy gets women tortured and filled up with intense trauma.

Conclusion of the Effects of Abortion

effects of abortion on girls

Think about all the effects of abortion and weigh your options.

In conclusion, the decision to end the life of an unborn baby can go against a woman’s deepest maternal instincts. An expected harsh effect of the act is likely to take its toll on the woman. Terminating a baby, not old enough to survive on the outside of the womb places the lives of mothers at a high risk.

Babies as we usually hear people say are a blessing. We do not have that power in controlling their existence or deciding when to keep them here on earth. If one is not prepared and psyched up to have babies, the most usual thing to do will be to refrain.

You have the choice of avoiding the whole process of undergoing abortion. However, pregnancy is beautiful in every sense of the word, so why throw that away and end up risking your life? Beats my imagination! Again, taking the life of an unborn baby could be as evil as murdering someone in cold blood. No matter how you look at it, it’s an act which does not promise an everlasting end to ones woes. Rather, reinvigorates and further deteriorates one’s problems.

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Effects of Abortion – Written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo and edited by Kojo Appiah

PS: The views expressed by the author on termination of pregnancy does not represent the views of this website.

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  1. Joselyn says:

    Again? Really? Sigh First off, there is no such thing as abortion vs adipootn. There is abortion of a foetus which is unviable outside of the womb and there is adipootn of a child ONCE IT IS BORN. You cannot adopt a foetus (unless you are going through embryo adipootn which is a whole other controversy).These two are pitted against each other when in reality they should be left alone. Many abortions are of much wanted children that are not ever going to be viable even after they are born and so the parents decide to go ahead with termination. Other abortions are about not wanting to be pregnant and nothing to do with parenting at that point. Abortions are also performed to save a mother’s life in medical emergencies. I am not pro abortion but do not judge another woman for doing what she chooses with HER body and HER life. Adoption is not about unwanted babies but usually unwanted mothers! Adoption agencies see a young girl with a pregnant belly and they see $ $ $ flashing so they set to work on how to get rid of the mother.As for you being puzzled you are a male so you won’t ever get it. Therefore you have no real right to judge a woman as you will never understand what it is like to be pregnant with all the crap they have to deal with (not to mention the deadbeats who are puzzled’ about how their girls got pregnant in the first place and bail )

  2. priness says:

    Abortion has its own effects but every individual has got choices depending on the situation.As I always say, we should never judge on these delicate issues though Am not advising people to get into that act because it has got its own side effects . But which ever way it happens; Only God should be the judge. Let’s just advice people to protect their lives. It’s well.

  3. Priscy says:

    Yes its true it is a process that involves life and death, but we’all have choices and plans. Even the Bible is against it since it says (thou shall not kill)but you hear many people saying “it has not yet develop into a human being it’s still clot of blood “So as my sister has said God alone is our judge.My advice is women should go to hospital for abortion for it is save than doing it with some unknown concoction, which will abort the baby alright but will damage a vital organ is your system and you will never know.