Fun Things to do With Your Girlfriend

Usually, relationships start off on quite a fun note where you and your girlfriend get to do stuff together. Most of these fun things to do with your girlfriend are normal routine activities which die out with time and become often boring for you and your girlfriend. You need to strike a balance in your relationship with your woman. Bring in some diversity and loosen the boredom. But how well do you know how to go about doing this? I’ve got just what you need in achieving results in your relationship. Tired of being tagged as a ‘boring boyfriend’? Check this out…


  1. Cook something together!

    Most ladies usually love this, especially if you are not the type of guy who likes cooking. It’s the pressure and sacrifice of being in the kitchen with her, telling her to relax while you two get dinner made. It’s fun and romantic at the same time! It switches you guys from the normal boring routine of having to eat out all the time….or, ordering some pizza or sushi. Hmmm….just give it a try.

  2. You should build something together with your girlfriend.

    That’s the way to go guys. It’s absolutely fun-filled and it brings you two so close together. Just imagine you guys painting together, or planning a structure for your future…., that’s great right? It’s the fun with which it comes with that makes it all so fulfilling and exciting. You two will always have something to be reminded of… good memories I must say.

  3. Workout together and burn the heat

    On normal days, you would usually do your workouts alone if am correct? Now, how about switching that up a little and inviting your girlfriend to go try out some workouts with you? It’s awesome! Just picture you two doing your workouts together…, looking all sweaty and spent out. A bond is created you know… I just love that aspect of love. You could help her out do some tedious tryouts and all. So much fun! Guys, you definitely need to do this with your girlfriend.

  4. Take a trip or vacation together.

    As a couple, it’s always advisable to explore new things together. It doesn’t matter if you two have financial constraints, it’s all about bringing in that versatility you’ve always wanted in your relationship. Traveling or taking your girlfriend on a vacation gives both of you some nice time in being together, reflecting on your relationship as well as becoming even closer. Spice things up a bit. Don’t be too stuck up. Have some fun. Make her happy.

  5. Take her out to go watch a movie.

    Staying indoors as a couple in love is lovely especially when you are at the beginning stages of your relationship. But with time, you get to realize that it’s not so much fun anymore. Then you start wishing to do other external activities such as watching a movie, or a game. So what more fun things to do with your girlfriend is fun enough out to watch a movie? It’s simply amazing. Spark up things between you two, and see how you fare out there in the open while you two express your love towards each other in public.

  6. Take some dance lessons together.

    Ever considered taking dance lessons together? As fun as it sounds, I can assure you that it is absolutely FUN!!! Having your girlfriend be your dance partner, while you two dance to some good old salsa music…mmm, how endearing is that now? You must try it!

  7. Plan an adventure together with your girlfriend.

    It could be a rock climbing adventure, a hiking maybe or even some mountain biking. The whole idea behind this is to enable you and your girlfriend get to experience some real from un, aside the normal routine fun you’re used to. It’s a change in routine that makes it incredibly good. Your girlfriend might not have tried it so this is a perfect reason to want to introduce her to it.

  8. Go out shopping together!

    this may not be fun for the guys but the truth is, it is fun for the ladies. Take her out for shopping and have a blast together. Pick out dresses you think might look good on her. Let her try them on. Tell her how beautiful she looks in them. Give her some compliment to fill her day. Let your day out be fun. And while at it, be sure to enjoy every moment of it too.

  9. Do voluntary work together.

    You could go to a charity event together or join a volunteering group as a couple and help make impacts on the society. Join forces with her and be a team while doing it. Create long lasting memories together, and let the fun of it all bind you guys together. Let your girlfriend see that other caring and gentle side of you. It wouldn’t hurt to show it to her now would it? I guess not.

  10. Plan your extra-curricular activities with her.

    B y this, you could arrange a day or two in the week where you guys get to spend time and engage in fun activities. Try daring her to a chess game or any other game of interest. You could both solve Sudoku puzzle together. What about playing truth or dare??? You nodding your head on this one…, I just know it. Your girlfriend wouldn’t love anything more than spending some good time with her man, while trying very hard to beat him at his own game. It’s a plus…, and its real fun too you know.

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FUN THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND was Written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Regular but less expensive outing is cool. You can just hang out and have a couple of drinks, blend it often by inviting friends. If she is a fan of movies then that’s another great venture for having fun. You can go to the movies once a while. No need for a cinema always, get a couple of drinks and snacks And invite her over for a movie.
    Sounds boring but its pretty fun, you can spend the whole day in park or somewhere cozy doing absolutely nothing. You just got to make sure you have the conversation flowing and be funny.

  2. priness says:

    Most people think being rich is the only criteria for having fun but that is not true. You can have real fun with your girlfriend without spending much. You can go to the movies, shop together, cook together, go on vacation trips etc… But you should enjoy each partner’s hobby, this will help you spend much time together since you enjoy each others activities. This brings about the compatibility issue because you must have at least one particular activity both enjoy doing.