How Divorce Affects Children

Divorce can affect almost everybody involved in its process, but the worst hit are the children in the marriage at the time of separation. Divorce can have variant effects on children and to a larger degree end up transforming their lives drastically. Now, one may usually notice that when it comes to divorce, the interest of the partners or parents is the major concern and when children get caught up in all of this; little or nothing is done to consider their needs.

Children often faced with a dissolution of marriage go through variant drastic and life changing transformations which can end up affecting them in the long run thus leaving lifelong scars on them. Their life undergoes changes they were never prepped up for, and at that point; their entire world begins to sink into a state of total depression, loss, fear and absolute confusion. To get to understand me much better or get a clearer view of the picture of kids and divorce process, why don’t I take you down the path of  how divorce affects children.

How divorce affects children

A child dealing with divorcing parents

How Divorce Affects Children – changing the normal life routine of your children

A normal life pattern can be made to go abnormal and change over night with children having to adjust and toggle in between parents when it comes to areas such as school, taking vacations, or even settling down in a normal home. This may take a harsh toll on the children who now have to go through the options of having their life changed from time to time and from one environment to the next. The children have to be adjusting and coping with different people they meet as time goes by. This is a whole lot of pressure to deal with and children aren’t prepared physically or emotionally to go through the implications of divorcing parents.

How Divorce Affects Children – becoming very rebellious and somewhat redrawn

This usually arises as a result of not wanting to come into terms with the true realities of the dissolution of marriage, and not having both parents present anymore to complete and have that normal family they’ve always been used to.  Every dissolution of marriage has issues of child custody involved. I’m not going to go through the child custody law but it certainly not a pleasant law.  The divorce mediation process in itself is not childs play and its effect on the family is clearly felt by the children.  They would much rather bottle up their feelings and generate innermost rage and anger which is directly veered towards their divorcing parents. It can indirectly affect the upbringing of the children and leave them to become social misfits in the society they find themselves in. Still thinking of having that divorce? You just might want to have a re-think.

How Divorce Affects Children – changing children’s perception in  regards to the institution of marriage

Children of divorced parents can have disbelieve, rejection and utter hatred for the institution of marriage. To the children, the meaning and importance of marriage is insignificant and holds no value whatsoever, having gone through the painful process of losing both parents to separation (divorce) and having had their lives turned upside down. When your kids are left carrying about such sentiments and ideology behind the institution of marriage, I tell you, that their future is at a great risk! They may likely end up being single for the rest of their lives or go into unhealthy relationships or marriage which will only end up being a total disaster! They go through a lot, and it doesn’t leave their memory for a very long time. I bet you wouldn’t want to put your children through all of that huh?

How Divorce Affects Children – High Possibility of becoming criminals

Furthermore, children who go through dissolution of marriage are most likely susceptible to becoming social misfits in the communities or societies in which they find themselves. A survey conducted by the World Health Organization(W.H.O) in 2006, indicates that out of a total of about 100 children whose had parents go through divorce, a shocking percentage of about 65% end up becoming drug addicts, school drop outs, delinquents, sex hawkers, only to mention a few. This revelation is indeed shocking and I know most parents out there, would be amazed. But to explain things a bit further, all of these factors fall into place due to the trauma faced by these kids as a result of losing their once- perfect home. There’s a lack of proper parental guidance and control; leaving and exposing them to several negative activities and practices which go on mostly in the society. These practices are later on embraced by the children and become part and parcel of them, without having any grounded authority or rules to guide their decisions. In the end, what society produces are a bunch of irritants and misfits roaming the streets.

In conclusion, I would say that parenting is not at all an easy job to take on. It comes with various degrees of complications and might leave one feeling frustrated. And having to deal with separation of marriage in the face of all this can be unbearable and stressing for you as a parent and impact of divorce on children is huge. Separating your marriage as well as handling it when kids are involved, demands the entire collective effort and input of the parents involved in order to ensure that they(the children), are not affected by their decision to separate. One thing you always need to know is that, no matter the reasons behind a dissolution of marriage, children must never be made to face the consequences and end results emanating from the actions of their parents. Having this in mind, will probably leave you reconsidering taking that next available route towards the path of Divorce.

How Divorce Affects Children was authored by Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Chidren are very likely to hate one parent due to what the other parent might tell them. Moral upbringing is likely to be low since single parenting isn’t an easy task. Children might be emotional unstable due to their parents situation and a whole lot. But it all depends on the single parent and the steps he or she is likely to take to train his or her ward. Much work must be put into parenting since you are single.

  2. priness says:

    Children end up having this bad feeling about themselves. They will always have one particular parent they like. In all, they end up not happy since it affects their way of life. They don’t get all the love they deserve from both parents. Is either they lack motherly love or vice versa. Is not easy to be a single parent. It has got its own complications. Let’s just try and avoid it though this world is full of uncertainty.