How to Catch a Cheating Spouse : Bust a Cheater in Five Ways

You suspect your spouse is having an affair and want to find out how to catch a cheating spouse? This is a huge issue in relationships and is by far the largest wrecker of several marriages. Cheating occurs in various forms depending on how one sees it. A kiss or a peg on the lips may be seen as cheating whereas to another person, cheating goes way beyond that.

Affairs has the potential of destroying a relationship and breaking trust built together over a period of time. Cheating in a relationship can go on for long periods without the other spouse getting to know. There are signs that prompts one to know of affairs taking place in the relationship. Don’t rush to accuse or get a divorce without enough proof.

So now, the big question is how to catch a cheating spouse if you have that feeling they’re having an affair? Lots of people don’t know how to catch a cheating spouse. Their attempt end up ruining every effort placed into the investigation and leaving the cheating spouse to walk away scott free. If you are looking forward to catching a cheating partner, you might find the tips below very helpful towards achieving that!

How to catch a cheating spouse – Peep through their phones

How to catch a cheating spouse

How to catch a cheating spouse

To be successful in catching your cheating partner, start by peeping through your spouse’s phone. This might be a little bit too much prying to do and tends to break that privacy barrier you trying so hard to respect. Hey, you’re doing it for the right reasons and that’s what pretty much matters I guess. If you share your bodies you shouldn’t feel guilty looking through your spouse’s phone!

Phones are like everybody’s personal assistants. Phones are carried about every and anywhere with tons of information being kept on it.

Pretend not to be observant of calls and messages, but be quick to go through their phone secretly. Like maybe, when he’s gone to take a shower or freshen up. Some cheaters can get very smart and will never hand you that golden opportunity of going through their phones. You need to play smart with this technique before you can catch an illicit affair. The phone technique always works. You might just want to give it a try.


How to catch a cheating spouse – Observe Your Partner’s Movement

Try observing your spouse and monitor their movements. If they’re cheating, sure as hell they’ll like to go and meet up with the other person! Cheaters looks forward to someone spying in on them and as much as they will cover up their tracks. Unfortunately for cheating spouses, they tend to leave minor loopholes which aid you to catch them.  But this must be done with utmost discretion and caution, due to the fact that no one likes to be spied on.

When your partner gets to know of your actions, it can tear down the relationship. When spying on your spouse’s, you have to consider who he/she is out with and what exactly is going on between them. Knowledge of this fact make you know if your partner is indeed cheating on you, or is just out to have a causal relationship with the other person. In view of this, you don’t do anything crazy to jeopardize your relationship at the end of the day.


How to Catch a Cheating Spouse – Monitor Social Media

Another very vital area you can catch a cheating spouse right in the act of cheating is the social media. (You don’t need to earn a social media degree to do this). This is a medium most commonly used in successfully hiding and earthen up relationships that are shady. From the use of variant platforms such as Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, cheaters get to create and develop ties with other people other than their partners.

Cheaters as much as possible ensure an absolute invisibility of such relationships to their partners. To catch a cheater via this means, you have to be on top of the game. Be alert and constantly updated on your partner’s chat groups or kind of friends he keeps on social media. Try getting to fish out and reading messages posted or received via the social media handle. Cheating spouses might raise eyebrows like you doing something crazy  or invading their privacy when they discover what you’re doing.


How to Catch a Cheating Spouse – Pay Surprise Visits

Are you fun of paying surprise visits to your partners place (or returning home) without having to inform of your coming? You need to factor that into your plan of action when and if you really want to catch your spouse unawares. The best way to catch a cheating spouse is by bumping in on them when they least expect it. You do this when your suspicions are now more glaring, but yet your spouse still refuses to accept it. You are likely to catch them right in the spot where you’ve always been suspecting them. But be mindful not to do this very often. Your spouse might detect your lack of trust and switch up his/her defense mode so as to protect his cheating secrets from you permanently.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse – Spend More Time Together

Make it a point to be around your spouse always there are red flags he/she could be cheating. Yep! If your spouse is cheating on you, a surest way to catch them in the act is to prevent them from going to see to the other ‘lover’.

Couples should spend quality time and don’t let their weekends be spent solely without being there. Be sure to take away all the spare time such that they hardly gets to have any other time to see anyone else. When you do this, you create a gap of uncertainty between your partner and their cheating partner.

Will the third party like to be relegated to the background? There’s the chance they’ll come looking for your partner, seeking some good explanations. That’s when you come in and get to bust your partner. Great idea huh? It does work efficiently too, trust me.


After you catch your cheating partner, you can decide to move on with your life without having to continue the relationship. You can also give your spouse a second chance by trying it out again. Most often, cheating results in a relationship as a result of certain shortcomings experienced. Most cheaters give reasons about seeking that which they lacked in their relationships or marriages. It’s totally not an excuse in any way and does not justify cheating in a relationship, but it does make a good point though.

Whenever a relationship lacks the basic requirements of making spouses fulfilled in every sense of the word, then that relationship is as good as dead. If you want things done right in a relationship, you have to put things in order and give out all your best.  You should be willing to give 100% dedication in the same manner you’re expecting total commitment from your partner. Cheating is not right and should never be accepted. But I say that you’ve got the chance in preventing it to some point before it gets out of hand. Make the best out of your relationship and give out your all if you expecting your partners all as well.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse was written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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  2. You really make it appear so easy with your presentation however I in finding this matter
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    • chantelle iris says:

      No one said its going to be easy catching a cheating spouse. all it needs is some precision and smartness. because no one ever cheats with the hope of getting caught. the article is simply giving few hints on how one can go about catching their spouse if they suspect their partner is cheating on them. i hope i have giving you a little insight into the whole article. do eel free to contact me if you need any further clarification…

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    great advise and a great way of resolving issues

  4. priness says:

    Just be observant. If you notice any change in your spouse doesn’t also mean he or she is cheating, there could be some challenges your spouse is facing. But any weird behaviour could be noticed by observing the phone calls, mode of receiving calls, late night calls etc. You could as well pay each other a surprise visit. But one thing you forget is, your spouse can cheat on you emotionally not only physically; bare that in mind.