How to Deal with Long Distance Relationships

Having a relationship with someone hundreds or thousands of miles away can be tricky. You might wonder if its worth effort. No matter how difficult long distance relationships are, it can fulfilling.  We will show you how to deal with Long distance relationships in this article.

Various conflicting issues which can either make or break the relationship often arises. With dedication and hard work, a long relationship can become whatever a couple wants it to be.  Dealing with long distance relationship can be complicated.  Several factors (such as educational and career aspirations) can account for long distance relationship.

You’ll all agree with me that it’s not easy having to live thousands of miles away from the one you love right? And even more so, having to deal with the other many blockades that come along with it. The good news is, you can play a big role in making this long distance thing work if you so wish. It’s not a lost case if you are in this kind of relationship. Thinking of how to achieve this? Come along as I take you through some little secrets to add that spice to your dating life!

Dating someone far apart?

Find out How to Deal With Long Distance Relationships : Communication

how to deal with long distance relationships

You need to keep every channel/door of communication open at all times.yep!  This you must do to keep the relationship on check at every moment. This will avoid the fear of having the relationship sink into a state of depression or boredom. Communication daily through tools such as Skype, viber, whatsapp and facebook. Use these to open up conversations on a daily basis. It’s a lot easier dealing with Long distance  relationships when there’s a constant communication.


Find out How to Deal With Long Distance Relationships : Commitment 

How to deal with long distance relationship and be committed. You need to keep that level of commitment always going. Even though all relationships have their rough times, you should never dwell on this.

When you do this, you open up the relationship to variant forms of dangers. Such as lack of interest and a further breakdown of the relationship.

You need to be hopeful no matter what and commit to your partner with or without their physical presence. It’s a must!


How to Deal With Long Distance Relationships : Be Focused on your Career/School

You’ve got to channel your extra time on something relevant. When you are working, you need to commit to your work. Also, when it’s time to be with your partner, they need all the attention you can give them and they!  With this kind of dating, you have more time at your disposal to focus on certain aspects of your career.

How to Deal With Long Distance Relationships : Sacrifice

Make sacrifices and deal with problems in the relationship. Both partners should to resolve problems through sacrifice. There should be some reasonable amount of understanding, cooperation and tolerance.  You need to know of its difficulties and prepare to face them together as partners.

Dealing With a Long Distance Relationship : Emotional Intimacy

Furthermore, there should exist intimate moments between you and your partner. Though you may not be able to be together, there’s the need to bring in some little intimacy. You can use online tools to meet some of these challenges. You wouldn’t want your love life to be on the low down now would you? I guess not. So you have to put in that little spice and variety to achieve this.

Dating Long Distance Needs Sacrifice

The arrangement between you and your partner, should favor both if you as well as meeting your needs. When it comes to making sacrifices and dealing with problems in the relationship, both partners should be fully equipped to handle some of these things. There should be some reasonable amount of understanding, cooperation and tolerance for one another when it comes to this kind of relationship. You need to know of its difficulties and be prepared to face them together as partners.

Conclusion on How to Deal With Long Distance Relationships

In conclusion, certain amounts of challenges are bound to appear regardless of the effort. When dealing with a long distance relationship there are complications.

Such as:

– Having to rely on technology as the only means of communicating.

– The lack of having that real, physical and intimate bonding with a partner.

– Long Distance relationship facing instability due to uncertainty of outcome.

Aside all these negatives, one needs to stand strong in the face of these challenges and go in for what they want. You have to make it work!  Long distance relationships are possible. Findings shows that most of them end up successful and only see the distance factor as a passing stage. Also, no matter the outlook of a relationship, distance must never be a reason to want to back out. Even relationships where couples get to be with each comes with its own headaches and hitches.


How to Deal With Long Distance Relationship was Written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo and Edited by Jeffery Boateng. 

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