How to Get Rid of a Headache Naturally

Looking for how to get rid of a headache naturally? Then read on! Headaches are very normal and common with almost everybody because at one point or the next, we are faced with it. Some forms usually are accompanied by severe pains and subsequent nausea or vomiting at certain points. But not much comfort is achieved with our efforts in aiming at stopping the ache that seems unbearable most of the time. While some of us stick to the normal practice of swallowing tablets or pain killers, others also seem to have a different approach to which helps solve the ache, kicking it away in no time.

Headaches can emerge from various causes. Some notable ones include; tension, increased stress, sinus complications, restlessness, migraine, lack of proper sleep and concentration. Even though one may prefer specially formulated over-the counter drugs in soothing the pain they get from headaches, it will surprise you to know that instant relief can be achieved when the use of natural home remedies are employed. These even quite undoubtedly turn out to be the healthiest and quickest ways in getting rid of headaches.

How to get rid of a headache naturally through fruits

how to get rid of a headache naturally

How to Get Rid of a Headache Naturally

  • Lemon: This is one fruit that has proven itself at being effective and powerful when it comes to treating and fighting headaches. This is because it contains ingredients that give a relaxing and refreshing effect to pains felt. It could be used in combination with warm water to lessen the intensity pain felt during headaches, or a better option would be for one to apply lemon crust pounded smoothly into a paste on the forehead to immediately relieve pain.



  • Ginger: one other effective natural treatment to try out in getting rid of that annoying headache is to take in more of ginger! That’s right…..GINGER!! Known for its diverse and helpful properties, can help knock out that headache in no time. With its anti-inflammatory property, it helps reduces pain felt during headaches. It also helps in relaxing the blood vessels in the head, reducing possible swellings that may occur in the brains. Wondering how you can use this means of treatment? It’s pretty simple really… all you need to do is to include a slice or dice of ginger (either cut or blended in to a fine paste) into your tea or drink, for mostly up to a period of 3-4 times in a day. It’s easy peazy!! And just like that you end up driving that ache away.


  • Cinnamon: Another effective herb known for its effective treatment of pains is cinnamon. This remedy is mostly effective for headaches usually caused by over exposure to cold air. It could be used by grinding the sticks into a powdery form, adding some water to form a paste applying to forehead and allowing the herb take its course for like 30-45 minutes. Afterwards you wash it off with warm water.


Natural Headache relief

Naturally get rid of headaches

  • Apples: An apple a day they say, keeps the doctor awake! This to some extent is true. Apples are very helpful in reducing pain experienced during headaches. Their combination with apple cider vinegar, delivers one with the easiest and quickest modes of getting rid of pain felt. They help restore and balance alkaline content in the body. Their smell or inhalation alone, could bring one soothing effects which lessens pains felt during an initial stage of migraine acquisition. Taking in a piece of apple sprinkled with salt and washed down the body with warm water, can help fight headaches. One could also choose to fill a large bowl with steaming hot water and dropping in some apple cider vinegar. Gently hold and place a towel beneath your nose and inhale the steam coming from within. This can usually take between 5-10 minutes or better yet, one can decide to mix about 2-3 spoonful of apple cider vinegar into a glass of warm water. A little honey preferably may be added depending on one’s choice and preference, but usage should continue for 2-3 days.

How to get rid of a headache naturally through living a healthy lifestyle

Healthy living is an essential form of living that everyone needs to adopt in one way or another. It is very helpful in preventing certain ailments which may seem unnecessary in attaining in the first instance, an example being headaches. I know most people would like to assume that headaches are normal and common setbacks which emerge from time to time in the life of everybody no matter how well one decides to live their life, but I strongly reject this notion and believe that with one making that conscious effort and taking the decision to live healthy and eat healthy, immunity can be gained from petty ailments suffered. Findings have shown that most people who engage in regular exercise activities plus eat or take in healthy diets on a normal basis, tend to free themselves from common ailments and deficiencies suffered by almost everybody.

How to get rid of a head naturally through herbal supplements

How to get rid of a headche

How to get rid of headaches

Natural or herbal supplements can help one immensely towards the fight against headaches. Over the counter drugs or medications, may come in handy, but efficacy might delay especially when one desires to achieve results in no time sooner with the drug taken into the system. Choose to live right. You owe it to yourself and others in your life who love you. Relationships can get marred when and if certain issues as trivial as headaches get to irritate one partner, making him/her react in a different way towards the other person. It can be unbearable at some point, but not much can be done in fighting this. So now there you have it all…..pretty simple tips that can help you in driving that pain away for good….,and it all comes under ‘pain-free do-it-yourself ‘treatment conditions which ensures and brings out the maximum of results hoped for at the end of the day.

How to get rid of a headache naturally through the use of an Ice Pack

Ice pack: cold compress can be placed on ones forehead in an icepack to lessen pain felt during headache. This treatment is particularly good as it helps shrinks the blood vessels, thereby improving circulation to the area affected by the ache. You can decide to wrap a few ice cubes (crushed or whole) in a towel. Gently hold it against your forehead for a couple of minutes, and then allow pain to gently go away. But remember not to expose your skin directly to ice cubes or cold compresses since they may damage the skin due to its fragility. It’s very important.

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