How to Help an Alcoholic Spouse

Alcoholism is an affliction that affects the user and those around them.  When you were saying the “for better, for worse” it included everything worse and an alcoholic spouse is no exception. If you find yourself in this situation then you need to know how to help an alcoholic spouse to quit drinking. It is in your own interest, your spouse and children if any. This is because alcoholism is also a major contributor of domestic violence and most major diseases. Alcoholic treatment can be expensive, but be rest assured that if you don’t spend money treating an alcoholic spouse now, you will spend money treating a sick spouse in the near future.

There are four identifiable signs of alcoholism;

  • Loss of control: unable to stop drinking after the first bottle
  • Tolerance: the need to drink greater volumes of alcohol in order to get lofty
  • Physical dependence: withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, headaches, perspiration and nausea
  • Craving: having a strong urge to drink when abstaining from alcohol.

Whenever you see any of these signs of alcoholism note that it is time for alcohol treatment baby!

How to help an alcoholic

How to help an alcoholic spouse

How to help an alcoholic – Step 1

Typically alcoholism treatment can by education, counseling, support from friends and families. That’s the beginning and it doesn’t work all the time. That’s why there are alcohol rehab centers where alcoholics are taught how to adjust to the lifestyle changes.  Your spouse can be educated on the detoxification process which is an immediate method of treating alcoholism. This allows your alcoholic husband or wife to go through inpatient or outpatient care. When alcoholics all of a sudden stop consuming their usual heavy quantity of alcohol, their bodies respond negatively, ensuing in withdrawal.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, irritability and tremors. In severe cases, your spouse might experience seizures and hallucinations. Your alcoholic husband or wife will experience these alcohol withdrawal symptoms within three days of cessation and generally continue for three to seven.  If your spouse starts developing severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you are recommended to take your spouse to an inpatient care so they can be monitored constantly. If your spouse suffer mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms, they can undergo outpatient care. This is when your husband/wife needs you the most to aid him/her through the alcohol withdrawal process.

How to help an alcoholic spouse – Step 2

Seek professional help after friends and families counseling doesn’t work. To help your spouse treat alcohol addiction, talk to a substance abuse counselor at a recognised alcohol rehab. Your spouse will need to undergo rehabilitation and can be registered in an alcohol addiction treatment center where they can develop life coping skills. During alcohol rehab, alcoholics learn about the nature of alcoholism and begin to make cognitive behavioral changes in thought process. They learn how to say no to alcohol and may go through psychotherapy sessions in group and individual settings. The goal of rehab is for an addict to determine the cause of their addiction and to address this in a healthy and informed way.

How to help an alcoholic Spouse after rehab – Step 3

Another major component of alcoholism treatment is with therapeutic drugs centers that uses particular medications such as naltrexone (ReViaT) or disulfiram (Antabuse). They are administered by a healthcare practitioner in an attempt to help prevent the person from returning to drinking after he or she experiences a relapse. This type of alcoholism treatment is based on medications and counseling that are used to treat a person’s alcoholism dependency.  

Since the recuperation process is so thoroughly connected to the support the person in the inpatient alcohol rehab receives from his or her family, it is essential for you the wife or husband to help in the treatment process.  Continue showing your alcoholic husband or wife love and constantly remind him/her of your support. Never ever argue with an alcoholic spouse especially when they are drunk (those who have knows why) because it will make matters worse.

How to Help an Alcoholic Spouse was written by Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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  2. Leo says:

    For decades, Alcoholics Anonymous has been the most successful means of recovery from alcohol addiction.

    • chantelle iris says:

      it has been. i wont argue about that. but i believe also that the process could be successful the more when the person involved decides to quit certain negative practices in their lives and adopt a much better positive approach to life. those around the person can even help make this process a success. but when the people around you are not helpful enough, even when you decide to take on the whole alcohol anonymous thing, it can survive for some time but then crumble with you going back into drinking again.

  3. priness says:

    You must not be too harsh on your spouse. This is the time you have to show how much you love them. Just try to put him right in a polite and loving manner. Let him know how you are being affected with such attitude. Though you can go through a session of counseling, getting advice from friends and family yet, if you don’t exhibit or have the trait of a loving wife or husband, you will fail. Because being harsh will rather cause the relational wheels locked up.