How to Increase Testosterone Levels

TESTOSTERONE………Hmm now that’s quite a mouthful of word to pronounce I must say, but every bit an interesting subject of discussion!  Actually, wondering how many of us get to hear this word from time to time…… be it via a radio program, TV talk show or even health program….does that ring a bell? Am most certain to say the least that even though most people might say they do know this word very well there’s this missing side to their knowing what it really entails in broad terms and a subsequent representation of its effect in our lives. Testosterone is an androgen or a steroid (hormone) if you’ll like to call it, produced in the testes of men. In simple terms a hormone that controls masculine sexual characteristics. Even though this kind of hormone is seen very prominent in males, females quite in fact also do possess such hormones but in this case, do so having their levels reduced or in minute quantities. Testosterone plays a key role in the lives of both male and females as it contributes a whole lot towards the stimulation of the muscles, retention of water to balance body fluid, bone growth, production of energy and other beneficial factors which are much needed by the body in general growth and development. Less I forget to mention the boosting of one’s libido and sexual characteristics of which a declination in quantified amounts could affect one negatively. In men, these androgens produced accounts for the masculine features exhibited of which includes some visible features such as the development of a deepened voice, muscular growth, testicles, pubic and facial hair. It further goes in restoring energy levels, libido, sexual functions, mood, and body shape/ outlook of the male body framework.


Testosterone is quite undoubtedly essential in the development and maintenance of the male sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics. Aside its importance in boosting sex drive, it also plays the major roles associated with bone and muscle health, sperm production and hair growth. Its adequate presence in one’s body in every way boosts the entire body balance and composition, from top to bottom. It may however interest you to know that not all males tend to have this all important hormone or its needed proportion much relied upon in the performance of certain vital body coordination’s, and in effect, tend to suffer slight difficulties when it comes to performing  very vital activities as men. Testosterone production is relatively high in formation during the night and early hours of the morning, more especially when one wakes from bed which quite in fact explains why men tend to have an erection during their wake periods. This can be explained basing on the fact that testosterone production is secreted into the  blood after having gone through the glands and is quickly picked up by protein producing sex hormones also known as ‘binding globulin’, which serves purposely as a carrier of some sort in moving the hormones around the body.  The measurement of one’s testosterone level can be made possible with a blood test which should be taken advisably in the morning where production is highest. Low testosterone levels also known as Hypogonadism (Low T), can affect anybody depending on how they take time into nurturing and maintain their body balance. While some people might not be so familiar with the causes and symptoms associated with the identification of low testosterone levels, allow me to enlighten you a little…




  • Change of body shape (rudimentary development of breast in men with increased tummy fat)
  • Diminishing of muscular strength.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Low sexual libido and general loss in sexual interests.
  • Low energy level and increased fatigue.
  • Low sperm count in semen.
  • Decreased bone mineral density (osteoporosis).
  • Mood swings. i.e.: foul temper, uncontrolled depression, rage and anger.
  • Decreased memory performance, cognitive status, mental capabilities and thoughts.

Most of the symptoms above can be brought about by so many underlying factors, some of which includes:

  • Lack of proper and regular exercise.
  • Lack of regular sex.
  • Unsupervised intake of drugs such as opiates steroids etc.
  • Major surgery undergone or severe illness suffered along the way in life can bring about a reduction in the level of testosterone produced by the body.

Having testosterone in adequate amounts is very much needed but its supply in excess may become detrimental to the general growth and well being of one. Side effects some may call it arising from excessive/high testosterone levels include:


  • Severe headaches.
  • Nausea (vomiting).
  • Reduction in the production of sperm.
  • Persistent hair loss.
  • Frequent or persistent erections.
  • Abnormal breast development (gynecomastia).
  • Excessive urge for food/increased appetite.
  • Decreased HDL cholesterol levels.
  • Abnormal increase in red blood cells.
  • Heart, skin and lung abnormalities.

Many look-alike testosterone drugs have surfaced unto the market making it quite difficult getting to know and use the right treatment in boosting your testosterone levels. Even though one might purchase a manufactured testosterone increment induced drug, chances of attaining a maximum and assured efficacy cannot be guaranteed as most of these drugs tend to go through diverse pirated mediums hence causing them to lose their efficacy in the long run of helping to boost testosterone hormones in the body. If one can even attain them to this effect, they tend to be very expensive, making it readily accessible to only but a few who have the means.  This becomes a problem for most people out there who have no clue whatsoever with regards to finding the right mediums of increasing their testosterone levels. But, the good news however is that you can in one way or the other build your testosterone level personally and naturally to that point where you want it in a stress-free and healthy manner as much as possible. Wondering how this is possible? It’s pretty simple. Let me show you how….


  • You can assist your body into making its own testosterone by ensuring you have sufficient amounts of protein in your diet. Low protein diet hinders the production of testosterone as it lowers and inactivates the hormone producing testosterone.
  • You need to check your weight and avoid gaining excessive weight or chances of becoming obese. This tends to increase estrogen level in the body which dominates over testosterone, inhibiting its production.
  • Reduction of stress levels is vital also warn one aims in increasing testosterone the natural way. De-stressing methods such as meditation and relaxation postures will surface in improving the level of testosterone produced as high levels of cortisol accumulation in the body is beaten down drastically.
  • Reduction in ones exposure to pollusive chemicals most commonly known as xenestrigens goes a long way in helping in the production of testosterones. Polluting chemicals found in our foods, water, air etc, through household chemicals, plastics, pesticides, etc are able to reduce and hamper the production of protosterone producing hormones as a result of the excessive production of estrogen receptors in the cell, which acts as a major threat in the production of testosterone.

 How to Increase Testosterone Levels   was written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    Regular exercise, lifting weights, having enough sleep, keeping away from stress, taking in alot of zinc, and most importantly keeping away from bars and eat right.
    Too much alcohol is a big no.

  2. priness says:

    You have to lose weight. You should consume healthy fats as well as foods with low sugar content. Not forgetting your vitamin D supplements. You should also be involved in frequent exercise. Too much alcohol should be avoided.