How to spot a Gold Digger

That eerie feeling you get when you suspect your partner might just be in for your money and not really head over heels in love with you…hmm, quite a devastating truth huh? A ‘gold digger’ is the common name used in identifying one who for personal reasons and gains deceives people to rig them off their material possessions or monetary assets. For lack of a better word, they’re the kind of people I’ll refer to as LOAFERS! That’s right….., they lay in wait doing and pursuing nothing meaningful until their able to lay hands on someone else’s hard work and toils Now a potential gold digger is always out to lay hands on those bills and in effect, they would go any length and extreme to cajole people into believing that they genuinely care about them or their material possessions. But one very interesting thing though that might surprise you all is the fact that about 60-73 percent of gold diggers are never really identified by their victims. Yes indeed! And more shocking is the finding that most of these fraudsters tend to position their way into the lives of their victims, pretending to love and uphold them above all other things.  Read on to find out how to spot a gold digger!

Needless to stress on the points mentioned above, there are others who’d still find themselves involved with this kind of people and would never for once even imagine that they had a gold digger engraved in their lives. Which is not really a good thing. Not many people are fortunate enough to flee from the clutches of gold diggers pertaining to the fact that the signs associated with such people is non visible or unnoticeable to some extent.

This article right here will punch on some essential signs you might just find useful to spot a gold digger in your life. Sounds great huh? I know there are lots of you out there dying to know just how smart you can get in identifying and catching that Loafer in your life. I think I’ve got about just the right tips you need in achieving this. Come along as I take you down that road.


How to Spot a Gold Digger – Point 1

how to spot a gold digger

how to spot a gold digger

  • Is one who usually drops bits and pieces of hints suggesting that their facing some kind of financial constraints and these constant complaints about their finances could lead to the point of them asking and demanding for some form of assistance from you. To a gold digger, aid demanded requires an immediate response from the one their seeking it from. Failure to meet up with their demands could lead to the subjection of one to emotional torture or abuse. Its either you choose to abide and grant them their wish or risk not having them in your life. For them it’s all about the money or nothing else. They are the kind of people who almost always seem to have some form of financial problem and look out for possible solutions to resolving it.

How to Spot a Gold Digger – Point 2

  • Sees or views your material gains as a great means of escape from poverty. To a gold digger, once the money is available, there’s the need to stay glued to you till they can lay hands on all of it. If it means they having to lie or use whatsoever means possible just to gain your trust and rip you dry. They do this with so much tactical effort and precise judgments. A gold digger never misses a shot at his target….be sure he’ll get you when you least expect it. Gold diggers love natural ‘show-offs’. That is to mean that they get naturally attracted to people who are mostly susceptible to showing off their possessions and wouldn’t mind others knowing how filthily rich they are. Be sure to have a gold digger falling for you within the quickest possible time.

How to Spot a Gold Digger – Point 3

  • Sometimes tends to ask certain questions that aren’t really related to what you two share. Its either they are almost always concerned about your wealth or even more frightening, always wanting to know what you investing into at what particular point in time, what you do with your money, just how much of a wealthy person you are really and get to know what they can gain by building a relationship with you. The work and aim of a gold digger is to literally dig up all of the gold you’ve managed to gather and store up over the years, keeping it all to himself. There’s always some form of consciousness when it comes to money and material stuff in general, and they wouldn’t mind doing any and everything for you, as long as they know the wealth will be theirs someday.

How to Spot a Gold Digger – Point 4

  • Is quick to capitalize or take advantage of situations that get them closer to their source target…that is, the gold pot! Often than not, they’ll pretend to be what they’re not and lie about possessions they have not. This is done in order for you to assume that they already have their own wealth or money and as such would or can never do anything harmful to pry you off your own wealth. It’s a strategy used by all gold diggers to lure their ideal ‘gold pot candidates’ into believing they’re not in for the money when in fact that’s precisely why they’re there.


No one can spot at any point in time whether someone is truly a gold digger or not. Its quite easy at times to realize one is owing to one or two signs exhibited but not all instances proves the case positive though. In order to avoid such scenarios, extreme care and caution must be exhibited. In any relationship ventured into, a little bit of background checks here and there wouldn’t hurt. It’s very much needed if you really aim at protecting yourself and your valuables. We can say we trust someone, but just how trustworthy are people these days really? No one can vouch for another being a hundred percent trustworthy, be it in any relationship gotten into. The need to be on the lookout and safeguarding oneself has thus become very much unavoidable. From a writer’s point of view, I’ll say that absolutely no one is free out there knowing very well there’s always someone watching, more or less on the lookout just to take away what you’ve worked for usually over a period of time. It’s better to play safe and be in control of your assets.

How to spot a Gold Digger was written by: Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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  1. priness says:

    Though it’s not an easy task identifying a gold digger but with time, you can notice it; that is if only you are observant. I think you are right by saying “an investigation should be carried before dating the person though we can pretend but this can only last for a moment because we can’t pretend forever. Such people should be dropped immediately you notice some traits of gold digger to save you from an unhappy relationship because, they won’t stay in times of crises. They are just in for your wealth. And for those of us who enjoy showing of their little wealth, it’s high time we keep our mouths shut. Showing off will not get you the right partner. You will be in a ditch by the time your eyes are really opened. Thanks chantelle.