How to Tell if Someone Likes You

Seeking tips on how to tell if someone likes you can be tough in reality. Especially if you like them and are a hundred percent sure of your feelings for them, but don’t seem to get that positive feedback or response you desire to set your mind at rest when it comes to starting a relationship with them. Starting somewhere becomes the big question of the day and if you can’t figure out what the other person is really thinking of when it comes to you, then this article is a must read for you, trust me!

Liking someone is a very normal and natural occurrence that happens to almost everybody at some point in time in life. But how do you know if someone likes you is not easily detectable most of the time as some people tend to avoid leaving behind clues or most often do leave them behind but we fail in our efforts of trying to read meaning into their actions. Am I right? Well….so many people have this problem and really wish they could find answers to it. Do not wander off any longer. Today we are going to dive into all of that just so you get to notice when someone likes you for real.
If you seek in finding out how to tell if someone likes you, there do exist certain questions which you need to ask yourself and genuinely give answers to before proceeding on discovering certain truths. First and foremost, you need to ask yourself if the person you want to find out likes you possesses some, or if not all of the values and qualities you desire to have in a partner, and also do you like them too? If yes, then are you willing or prepared to start a relationship with them if your findings about they liking you ends up positive or affirmative? These questions are very essential and if you are able to answer them positively, then be rest assured that you can go right ahead in verifying or finding out for yourself if your suspicions concerning that person really liking you is in fact true or not. Now in doing this, there do exist however some signs you need to look out for….,lets simply say clues often left behind by the ones we suspect like us. Some of these signs may be visible while others might need a little bit of ‘skeptism’ or reading into before finally getting to conclude on ones likeness for you.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You – Step 1

How to tell if someone likes you

How to tell if someone likes you

Constantly try to make eye contacts with you. This is quite a noticeable sign that will get you knowing if that person really likes you or not. For someone who likes you, they’d expect to look you right in the eyes and say stuff to you. Even if it’s not really related to their likeness for you, they’d always like to make eye contacts with you just so their likeness for you is made noticeable. But this does not always work you know….especially when that person involved is extremely shy. This clue may not work with these kind of people because; they might never end up showing their like for you this kind of way. They feel you might easily and quickly read them when and if they do. But if they do try to look you in the eye yet shy away when you catch them doing so, they may pretend they’re not doing so. But just jot this clue down and look for other revealing clues which will make it clearer for you to conclude.
How to Tell if Someone Likes You – Step 2: Secondly, you can tell if someone likes you when that person starts becoming all personal with you, then you know they like you. Very much so. Initially they were never really concerned about your personal life, but all of a sudden they start wanting in on your personal life, wanting to know exactly what’s happening in it. Clues like their asking about how your days been, what you did, your family, your siblings, work and stuff like that, is made quite noticeable at this point. Letting you know how much they really care about you and like you to that effect. They also drop few hints here and there showing their likeness for you by often inviting you out to eat…, it could be for lunch, dinner or anything else so long as they get to share some personal time with you, it’s quite alright with them.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You – Step 3

They usually want to get all of your attention most of the time, even if they know you are that busy. They feel this sudden need to always want you close to them and may pose themselves as being ‘overprotective’ of you, though you might just be friends in reality. Demanding for little personal and physical gestures is made evidence here during this time. ‘Can I have a peck?’, Do you mind if I hold your hands while we walk home?, most often becomes dominant during this period and their likeness for you grows so much it shows all too well.
Frequently want to start conversations with you via various platforms. This they do most often by striking up conversations with you un-end about almost anything they can think of in a bid to know you more and get closer. They might initially feel shy to approach you in public, but with time they get the urge to warm up to you and this time with the aid of certain communication tools made accessible in this era. These include the Twitter’s, facebook’s, viber’s, whatsApp’s, We chats and what have you’s…., all these contribute to their efforts in telling you that they like you. The courage to do so when you in front of them ,is just too much load to bear coupled with the later embarrassment of getting rejected if they actually do tell you of how they feel about you, not being certain of the feedback going to be received to this effect.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You – Step 4 :  I don’t people think this is not the best way of how to tell if someone likes you, but it does work – Ask them if they like you! How easy can you make it for someone to open up to you.  Look in their eyes and ask “do you like me?”. Now watch their body language for the answer even if they don’t talk. A smile, expression of shyness etc.

Love can be a beautiful thing, especially when shared with someone who genuinely and openly expresses it. Even though not everyone is brilliant in coming forward and telling someone they like that they actually do, most people who rise up to face this challenge are usually the ones who tend to have that added spice of confidence in any relationship they venture into. What’s the whole point in hiding the fact that you like someone when in fact you never even know if they also like you in a likewise manner? You have to take your chances and just go for the kill. Who knows…… you might just get lucky in striking up that fire flame between you and that person. Never let your insecurities deter you from going after what your heart believes in. It’s painful not being successful even if you’ve ventured into making your intentions known to the one you like, but so much worse if you don’t try at all.

How to Tell if Someone Likes You was written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo

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  2. priness says:

    You realise someone likes you, if the person goes the extreme to do something crucial for you. How the person looks into your eyes. The rate at which the person calls you and the kind of conversation you get involved. These are the few things you come across.