How to Tell Your Husband You Want a Divorce

Divorces can be mutual or not depending on the partners involved and their respective needs in the union. Before a woman decides to break that all-important news of wanting out of a marriage to her husband, careful thought and deliberation is placed first before further proceedings take effect. This is quite beneficial owing to the fact that one gets to have enough time to think things through and get to know whether they are making the right decision or not. You will agree with me that dropping the bombshell of wanting a divorce from your husband, only realizing later that you never really intended that to happen can be awkward and inappropriate.

Once you manage to settle on the fact that it’s a divorce you really want, then there’s that level of seriousness which signals to you to proceed forward and break the news to your partner. But how do you go about doing this? How do you manage to break that all-important news to your husband and still maintain some level of sincerity while trying your best to avoid hurting his feelings? Just follow me, and let me show you how.

How to Tell Your Husband You Want a Divorce – Step 1

Prepare and decide in advance on what you going to tell your husband. By doing this, you become fully aware of whatever it is you saying. There’ll be no need to digress  and get all distracted when the conversation gets started. If you appear somehow confused, he might not take you serious and may tend to brush aside the whole idea. Be firm as much as possible when approaching him and know what to say at whatever point if he’s to ask a question. If you want a divorce, you should lay your cards out on the table as clearly as possible.

Clearly point out your intentions with regards to the break. More firmly, let out your concerns and decisions already reached. Your husband should be made to know that this is something you’ve thought very much of and feel it’s the best option to take judging from your current or present stand in the marriage. But remember to be keep calm and not be emotional while stating your true intentions. Choose a much appropriate environment that will place you two in a relaxing mood so as to make communication of the message and its subsequent receipt effective as much as possible.

In order for your husband not to consider you as being insensitive towards his feelings, try as much as possible not to bring up negative issues about his behavior or over-all performance which to you constitutes a major part of the idea of your decision to have a divorce. Doing this may send a rather bad signal to your husband making him feel as though you feel that everything that’s happened to your marriage is his entire fault. Let him know it was a decision you thought of not based on his actions but because it’s what’s best for you in all sincerity.

How to Tell Your Husband You Want a Divorce – Step 2

Once you’ve managed to tell your husband all there is to be said, be sure to detach yourself from him if the news was not taken well by him. By so speaking, he may have his reservations regarding what you’ve told him and some men might try to seek answers from you by being violent and utilizing threats. He will feel hurt at most, crashed, and even broken down into pieces emotionally and physically. That’s a sign that should tell you to use the door A.S.A.P!  If you find yourself in such a situation, be sure to leave the house. Take your kids with you if any exist, and wait till further court proceedings take place to properly settle the divorce finally. You don’t need to stay around after breaking the news of your wanting a divorce to your husband. Once you’ve told him, be sure to leave his presence especially if you get the signal he’s not getting too comfortable with the whole news and might want to take it out on you.

Breaking the news of a divorce to a partner does not have a defined pattern with which every lady out there is supposed to follow. It’s entirely up to one to choose what time and place as well as choice of words best suits the occasion on which to deliver the news. I may feel comfortable breaking the news of my wanting a divorce to my husband when we are out in the public, another lady might feel more relaxed doing it at home while their sitting over dinner.., it’s all about individual choices. The way one husband can handle his wife breaking a divorce to him, can be totally different from the way another husband handles it. So then you have the chance of weighing your options and going for which ever option above suits you fine.

How to Tell Your Husband You Want a Divorce was written by Chantelle Iris Nunoo


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