Is He the One Quiz

Is he the one?

So you’ve been dating that special boyfriend and have been wondering if he’s Mr. Right? Then take this 12 question “Is he the one quiz” below to discover if your boyfriend is the one or it’s about time to move on.

1) How do you hangout?
2) Do your friends like him
3) When you fall sick
4) What is your future plans regarding children with your boyfriend?
5) When you fight with your boyfriend
6) Are your families cool with each other
7) What’s your opinion about your boyfriends’ friends?
8) What are your religious beliefs?
9) Do you trust him
10) If your boyfriend proposed marriage right now how will you react
11) How does he spend his money?
12) What's your take on making love

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is he the one quiz

Take the is he the one quiz and find out if you’re dating the right guy

4 Responses so far.

  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    First of all, you should know you won’t get a perfect man because there is non like that, no one is perfect. You simply have to look for a man who will do you good and remain faithful to you and most importantly be responsible. There are other we qualities you personally desire your man to have, don’t expect to find all in one man,if you do find quiet a number of them in one, do stick with him.

  2. priness says:

    Compatibility should be considered. If you two enjoy each others company, if you think he has the few traits you will want your future husband to have, though you will never get a perfect man but you can find what you heart desire. And you should consider someone you have similar interest with.

  3. hamid says:


  4. i love pandas says:

    I got a 42 its going to be hard but im going to move on 🙁