Money Management Tips

Money plays a very important role in the life of everybody; whether its supply to one is limited or in excess. Owing to this importance, there has arisen the need to put in place certain measures so as to ensure its effective control and management. Managing money poses a major problem to most people out there and more especially if one is not really up to the task of adopting the habit. It is evidenced in most relationships and marriages as a whole. When not properly handled in a relationship or marriage setting, money can create huge problems for both partners involved.  Likely effects created when money and its significance as well as management is downplayed in relationships most especially marital ones include: mismanagement of the relationship/marriage and general lives of partners, extravagant spending leading to huge unresolved and unpayable debts, discord in the relationship owing to the separation of monetary mediums between partners’, unplanned, unprepared and risky fate of future among other factors are the hindrances incurred when management of money is avoided and not practiced in the marriage and relationship setting.


In view of this, money and its management in general is an issue of great importance that needs constant hammering so as to put out there point blankly what most relationships are doing wrong and what they’re doing right in terms of their relationships. We all do know of the importance of money in our lives in general, but how many of you out there actually know how to effectively manage and control what you have or possess financially?  Now, some of you might be wondering just what steps to take in the right direction that will help you manage your finances if am not wrong? To help you get started, here are a few pointers to get you started on managing your money to gain those effective results you’ve always wanted!


Money management tips

Tips for managing your money

  • You need to develop or cultivate the habit of saving. This can be very difficult in the beginning stages especially when one is not particularly in tuned towards adopting such a routine on regularly bases. But however the case, the benefits obtained from saving part of one’s earnings far outweigh any ills thought of. It paves way towards the preparation of one’s future alongside ensuring the efficient management of one’s finances. Saving is a better and sure way determining and controlling ones spending habits on stuff which usually aren’t that necessary or needed.


  • In order to manage ones money effectively, there’s the need to adopt the habit of budgeting. You heard right! Creating and planning one’s own budget is an ideally suited way to aid in determining what money earned is used for and its associative allocation proportion. By way of using budgets, you are able to draw up weekly or monthly expenses sheets that direct you in factoring into that budget sheet what’s needed and what’s not. You end up saving a lot and avoid unnecessary spending.


  • Furthermore, if you need management in relation with your money, you have to cut down on your spending! This is a must! Now, when you spend money in a way that’s not timed or controlled, you end up wasting and spending unnecessarily on stuff you rarely need or want. Money cannot be effectively managed when one disregards his/her spending habits.


  • Last but not the least, in order to manage your money you have to learn to live within your means! Unnecessary spending on stuff which are extremely above ones budget cut and does not fit into the earnings or monetary means of one when adopted, can adversely affect the finances of the person. There may be the occurrence of one plunging straight into unpayable, piled up debts and loans as well as the living of an economic life which does not favor ones pocket literally. In view of this, it is very necessary to watch how one spends and what one spends on. You need to learn to manage the available money you possess and live within your means.


To cup it all up, money as well as its importance in our everyday lives cannot be over-emphasized as it does play a very vital role in the development and enhancement of our total being. Relationships of all kinds in one form or another do experience monetary problems in terms of management. There usually exist disparities between partners on what should be done in relation with money and how to effectively manage it as a team (in the relationship).love and money need a balance to move hand in hand, prior to which might tear down a relationship. We all need to adopt and practice ways of managing our finances. Adopting which ever means suits you as an individual or couple is a sure way and stepping stone towards achieving maximum benefits when it comes to the monetary aspect of your relation or marriage. Striking that perfect balance between you love life and your monetary life depends totally on your decisions. Just as both aspects are vital and a must have in every relationship, so the need to treat them in a significant manner and attention given to both similarly.



Written By:  Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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  1. Bright Bethwel says:

    You ought to make a monthly budget of things you will NEED not what you WANT and go strictly to it. Minimize the rate at which you spend on friends too and cultivate the habit of saving. Do not save what is left after spending, save before you spend.

  2. priness says:

    We just have to be discipline on our spending because sometimes even with a budget;we still spend our savings. But I think if we know what we want and what we want to achieve, that should motivate us to control our spending. Our goals can manipulate our spending anyways.