Office Romance

Dating appear in variant forms. Some may be circled around or built towards awkward directions and might leave partners wondering if it was meant to be in the first place. Office romance is one kind of relationship that is taking over most dating lifes in today’s times. You’ll all agree with me that when people tend to spend most of their time together a sense of closeness gets developed over that period right? This is a normal phenomenon of which may develop between co-workers or even bosses and their employees at the workplace. Office romance is one relationship that sets off usually at an unnoticed pace and may end up flourishing into a full blown dating or could easily die out with time. All of this is really dependent on what partners aim or seek in achieving in this sort of relationship.

Some are of the view that dating office colleagues, usually go against the normal rule of professionalism or code of ethics applied in working. (Can you imagine a female colleague using office hour to search for crush quotes for him?) But how true is this assertion? Let us go a little bit deeper into some of the pros and cons experienced dating this kind of way.


Pros of Having an Office Romance

First of all, one very noticeable benefit obtained from dating an office colleague this way is the fact that it gives both partners the opportunity in becoming even more closer in their relationship. Each day spent together goes to strengthen and solidify the tie that exists between the two. The occurrence of one having to miss the other is avoided in this case as partners tend to spend every second together, engaging in work related stuff as well as focusing on their relationship and ensuring its growth.


Is Having an Office Romance Good or Bad

Is Having an Office Romance Good or Bad

Also, dating an office colleague tends to take away that uneasy or uncertain feeling couples usually have of the other person cheating on them or not due to the distance experienced most at times. One becomes less burdened and is filled with calm as they have their soul mates tied right to their skin! Literally speaking. A plus, to strengthen the relationship if you ask me. Doubts and uncertainty only end up screwing relationships…trust me.


Moreover, this kind of relationship creates that platform to enable partners get to know each other better! The more you get to be around someone, the better your chances of getting to know who they really are. It’s during these times at the office that you get to view their temperaments, odd sides and general attitude towards you and others. You can never really tell what one is hiding in terms of attitude when it comes to a relationship in general terms when you spend the least time with them now can you? Of course not! Office romance does that whole magic of getting you far with your partner. With all the above pros stated why don’t we get on into some cons now? Let’s get to view the other side of having to deal with dating in the office.


The Cons of Having an Office Romance

Office romance between two people in an office environment stirs up absolute scrutiny and harsh judgment from other co-workers or people mainly accustomed to working with in the office. Even though the relationship is between you two, it becomes the subject or topic for each and every discussion at the office, opening up the space for harsh passing of judgments and criticism from all and sundry. Your business does not become your business anymore, but the business of everyone at the office. This could take a toll on your relationship leaving it somewhat violated and defenseless in the sight of co-workers and everybody.


Dating an office colleague also tend to create some sort of tension at the office mostly between co-workers and the couples involved in the relationship. Even more serious is the situation when the other partner involved is more of the superior at the work place. Issues of favoritism and being biased on behalf of the one being dated become an issue of critical scrutiny and anger or more or less envy on the part of co workers. Thus, does not augur well for the relationship and might leave it fragile and easily broken in effect.


Another odd associated with office related kind of relationship is the loss of concentration and focus on the part of the two in the relationship to give out their maximum and be productive at work. It’s very typical for two people involved in a relationship to become eventually relaxed and comfy at work owing to the fact that they feel a sense of love, care and affection being showed them. This can get in the way of serious work or assignments which demands maximum attention. At the end of the day nothing great can be achieved with this kind of attitude. Office romance can mess with the head of people who get involved in it at the office. You don’t want to get into this zone if you not really up for much drama in your life.


The tendency of a relationship going great amidst the odds and hitches that accompany it is quite possible with partners having just about the right means of attitude, objectiveness and the needed effective communication tool ideal enough to manage and hold  a relationship together. It doesn’t really matter the type of setting a relationship may find it self in, partners owe it to themselves to rise above whatever circumstances or blockades confronts their lives, in this instance, the office environment to be specific. A relationship built and nurtured at the office is prone to variant forms of excesses, but not entirely a forbidden adventure to indulge in. In fact, most relationships that started off in the office most often tend to be the ones that thrived and made it through to the marital stages. Quite shocking huh? Yep….exactly what I thought too. One needs not relegate themselves to the background when they find their perfect match in the office. It’s not at all a crime to fall in love with a colleague or boss now is it? Absolutely not! It’s possible to make it work. You just don’t have to let your personal life interfere so much with your work. Let a barrier, a clear cut one be drawn between you and your personal or love life at the office. Love is a beautiful thing, we all do agree to that fact, but at the workplace, there do exist limitations. If an office romance is what suits you most, you go right ahead to pursue that love experience. But if it really isn’t your kind of thing, venturing into it should need a little bit of skeptics. Love revolves round the earth…..,it’s the most beautiful thing untouched, yet, can be felt at the most deepest parts of our lives…the heart.

Written By: Chantelle Iris Nunoo.

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  1. Cu says:

    As long as you can share your working hours together with your boss, why noty?

    • chantelle iris says:

      Sometimes you might get into more trouble than just sharing working hours together with your boss you know? its complicated having an office romance sometimes. but depending on how you handle things,it can go well in your favour.

  2. priness says:

    It depends on how you go about it but one have to be careful in dealing with office romance. From my point of view, I won’t advice you to get involved in it because of it’s complications.