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We provide free online marriage counseling and couples therapy to marital and relationship problems.  Friends and family are afraid to hurt your feelings. We’re not! We provide honest marriage counseling by saying it as it is in order for you to get the true picture. Are you married or single and seeking free online marriage counseling? Please post your marriage questions through our comment box at the bottom of this page or the counseling form below.  You’ll receive expert online marriage counseling at no cost! You can also read some interesting responses to questions on our home page.

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Below are  answers to FAQ’s by many people getting into marriage.

Is it the right time for me to marry?

Get free online marriage counseling

Get free marriage counseling online


If you’re asking this question for yourself then most likely you are not ready for marriage. The right time for marriage is different for each person. Also, maturity levels and life experiences are varying factors. Some singles are ready for marriage at 18, and some are never prepared for it.

It’s always better to see a marriage counselor if you’re in doubt.  A marriage counselor shouldn’t be necessary a paid one.  It can be older couples or people with a deep understanding of marriage.  There are online marriage counseling websites like ours to offer advice. If you don’t seek counseling now,  you will be receiving couples therapy when married.

A prospective marriage couple also need to make sure that they know each other well. Couples should know each others views on money, in-laws, child bearing and roles. Take the this Am I ready for Marriage Quiz to find out if you’re ready for marriage!

Online Marriage Counseling on Emotional Connection With Your Partner?

Two people who do not have an emotional connection can never have true marriage. When we share our feelings with another we connect emotionally and feel close to that person.

In the many times we’ve offered couples therapy, we found a trend. Couples don’t express their emotions because it makes them feel vulnerable. With the person you’re considering marrying you must be sure you feel safe.

How do you know if the two of you have an emotional connection? The next time you have a conversation with your wife or husband to be, ask him or her, “What do you feel about me right now?” or, “How does what I just said make you feel?” If you can communicate with each other, you will build a happy relationship or marriage.


Online Marriage Counseling on Good Communication

To be happy in marriage, you must ensure that there will be good communication in marriage. Communication for couples is important because marriage is nothing but challenges! We’ve been offering online marriage counseling for years to know it’s true.

Do you keep the way you feel to yourself when hurt or you’re able to tell your spouse?  Are you able to tell if your spouse is hurting through his/her body language or they have to tell you?  To have good communication in marriage, you’ll have to be able to listen to the non verbal of your spouse. Our article on  Communication Problems in Marriage

Can I Trust This Person Completely in our Relationship?


Couples therapy on trust

Marriage Counseling on Trust Issues

If you can not build trust in a relationship getting married to that person is a mistake – period. You’re better off living with someone you trust but do not love, than living with someone you love but don’t trust.

The emotional foundation of love is trust. Without complete trust, you can’t build love. The hard truth is that you can live until death do you part with someone you don’t love.  But if you don’t trust the person it will be difficult for that union to work. A key way to build trust in marriage is by respecting and paying attention to each others feelings.

I have some past secrets and I’m afraid to let it open to my partner

Ok. So you have secrets like everyone else. If your partner is going to kill you should you reveal those secrets, then please hold on to them. Let’s face it: It pays to find a way to discuss our feelings with both honesty and kindness. Better let your partner know and leave than to keep it inside and suffer.  Your partner might be able to help you out of the problem or dilemma you’re hiding. Be brave.


The romance in our marriage is gone

free couples therapy and marriage counselingRekindle romance you used to share during dating. This will rekindle the feelings you had for each other when you first met. Go to restaurants you used to eat dinner, visit the parks and places you used to make love from.

It is not easy to always have a perfect relationship. Every relationship turns into a bad state at times.


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25 Responses so far.

  1. musah says:

    i ‘ve been with my girlfriend over two years ago she’s never visit me @ my home, but she is callin me, can i trust her?

    • Love Doctor says:

      no. If she lives close and never visits you then it’s a no no area. But give her the benefit of a doubt and find out reasons she’s not visiting. It might be shyness

  2. Edward Kander says:

    A successful marriage depends largely on the way and manner children were trained or brought up to meet the opposite sex for the rest of their life time.
    Uncultured child grows to become an irresponsible adult.The trend is not highly observed and this what is killing our social and Christian society.

    Good marriage leads to a developed and a peaceful society.

    Thank you.

  3. wisdom brandy says:

    marriage only be brave

  4. beverly says:

    My husband and I has been married for 4years now, and a few years back we was going through it. He lost his job, and I became pregnant with our second child, and my husband couldn’t find a stable job. We lost our house a month after me having the baby that I move back home with my parents and he moved to his grandparents. Long story. Short he started talking on the phone with a female friend from his past. She new he was married, had kids, and homeless. So she was trying to be a shoulder to cry on. They claim that they didn’t go on dates or every seen each other. They just talked and texted a few times. However, one day my husband brother had a party at his house that my husband went to and was trying to kill himself by drinking alcohol and drugs to get over the fax we on the road to a divorce. So while he was under the influence, this same lady was at the party and heard my husband was there sleeping in she went in to the room and had made love with him and he didnt no. She claimed my husband called out my name thinking that she was me. Long story short she ended up pregnant, but she didn’t know how the father could be, but the child looks just like my husband. Now she wants him to be in the Child life. I dont want him around or in that child life at all. However, because he never knew who his father is he dont want that child to feel that way. So I told him to choose to be a father to that child or to be with me and our two kids like that other child doesn’t exist.

  5. LEWIS AMAGOLI says:

    What are the five key pillars to look out for in a woman u are dating for marriage?

  6. salini says:

    I am facing many problems pls help

    I stood among the top in the class, but after 12th I was caught with an anxiety disorder OCD.I had treatment with many doctors had many anti depressant tablets .Then the symptoms reduced and then joined for B.Tech

    Even then concentration in my studies gone,but full time happy because of the effect of these tablets.In between unknowingly I had 2 affairs .one outside the broke up and before marriage I had one more too.

    But again it broken.I didn’t had any relationship with any of these guys. Now married n m havng a baby of 1 yr old.

    I told my husband that I had a sort of depression, had taken tablets and I had some affairs also.The last broken affair was his friends brother. It only known to me after my engagement.

    My question is-should I tell him about that relationship and his name in detail. I didn’t tell anything in detail. Should we reveal everything to our husband in detail based on honesty..since am hving anxiety disorder each and every day my anxiety is increasing.pls help.Should I tell him in detail

  7. Depressed says:

    Me and my husband have been married for 2 years and together for 3 almost 4. We have two kids together. We had an amazing happy marriage til a few months ago.I had a warrent from years before I met him and didn’t know I did but when I found out I turned myself in and did 3 weeks. I found out my husband cheated on me. I trusted him more than anything. I looked up to him as the best husband and dad to my babies. He was perfect. He’s not like the type who cheat. And I don’t understand. Let alone and i know this is disgusting it was with his cousin. I didn’t know what to do but after weeks of him begging for another chance and him promising he will be the man I deserve I gave him a second chance. He doesn’t show me affection often. And I feel he’s not trying hard enough. I don’t want to leave him but I’m scared if he doesn’t step up soon and start showing me affection that I desperately need that I will have to leave him. He’s only loving when he wants to make love. And I have to constantly remind him to do our marriage devotionals and that he’s not doing what he promised instead of him doing it on his own. I just don’t know what to do. How do I know he really wants to make this work?

    • Love Doctor says:

      Your husband begged for forgiveness and you forgave him. That’s a wonderful gesture.
      With regards to showing you affection, my advice is to continue showing him affection. Please keep in mind that you can’t request for someone to show you affection. It will come naturally. Perhaps your definition of affection might be different from his.
      Show him the affection you want your husband to show to you and he’ll give back.

      If time passes by and he doesn’t show love, talk to someone (go together) you both respect and see how things works out.

      All the best.

  8. priness says:

    Talking about the qualities of a good wife; she must be respectful, honest, matured as in act like an adult, supportive. In all she must be beautiful inside out. But before you think of all these, you should think of how compatible you, are as well as how much you love each other. All the best.

  9. Tracie says:

    Feeling insecure. My husband has a long time female friend who texts him occasionally for emotional support in her life and relationships. Short background story: This friend was once a girl friend and almost his fiance. At first, these texts didn’t bother me, but 4 yrs later, they still converse through texts occasionally. He shares the texts with me, and is very open with their current relationship, yet, I feel that he is MY emotional support and I don’t want to SHARE!! Should I bring these feelings to his attention, or try to be supportive of his relationships? Another background story: I had a boyfriend whom I dated prior to marrying my husband. The ‘relationship’ was ended, but a friendship continued. My hubs demanded that I X him out of my life. Sooo, I’m upset that he gets to keep his x’s as friends and I don’t. (Should that story even factor in?) What should I do in this situation?!?

    • Talk to your husband about the way you feel and demand he puts a stop to it. Do it in a loving way. There’s emotional infidelity and that’s exactly what’s happening. The only difference is that he shows you the text so it seems innocent.
      There are humans and one thing will surely lead to another. So it has to stop before they start sleeping together.
      You husband has to be fair by replicating the things he demands of you – that is called marriage! Thanks for seeking this marriage counseling on this.

  10. Carla says:

    Hi am married for 19 years we have 3 children I am very confused about my love and trust for him I have put a divorce on but pulled it back to try again we don’t have intimacy for almost a year know I can’t find it in my heart to have it again with him. hHe try to do everything for me it feels like he has an upsestion with me I told him to find a other woman but he told me he don’t want to be with same one else. am I crazy to feel I want to run away from here. we both are getting depressed he more about me because of intimacy and me that I can’t find it to touch him he keeps on telling me I need help but when we do get help they say that he needs help and I am fine know my question is what do I do please.

    • You need to have a little break from your husband and think this through. I’m not suggesting a long separation – no. Take about two(2) weeks break from your husband and look deep within yourself.

      Ask yourself what went wrong? What made you fall in love with him and what has changed. The problem is not from you or your husband. The problem is joint. You had a part to play and so did he. Work things out by doing fun stuff together. Look at your children and give them hope. Running away won’t fix your issues. It will create a whole set of new ones.

  11. David says:

    So me and my wife are visiting our family back home soon. Now she mentioned that we will probably hang out with some of her old school friends one of which includes an ex she dated years ago but still considers a friend? Even though she barely talks to him or brings him up? For some reason u feel weird/uncomfortable being married that it s ok for me and my wife to hang out with someone she was romantically involved with in the past. Am I over thinking it? Can I ask her about not hanging out with this person due to the feeling or stress it s causing me? They dated for a couple of weeks and it was intimate, that was 6 years ago- they were friends before, but she doesn’t talk to him on a regular basis and because she has mutual friends from college she feels obligated to stay friends. I don’t feel comfortable with an idea that my wife might still be friends with an old rekindled friendship turned romance turned friendship- specially I don’t have exs that I stay in touch with. I know what I am saying might seem way over my head and I met the guy and accepted her to invite him to our wedding, yet can’t deny the fact it still feels awakward and when I tried to share my feelings with her multiple times she in a cold way says “you need to get over it” Please advise. Thanks

    • You don’t need to get over anything, your wife is the one who needs to get over her friendship with the Ex. If her ex boyfriends friendship was worth keeping at all possible cost, then she should have married him.

      Tell him it’s a mans thing and you do not like the whole idea. Let her know that it’s not about cheating, because you trust her. But it’s about respect.
      No guy will like to be hanging out with another man who has ever slept with the wife!

      It’s an uncomfortable feeling and if your wife doesn’t respect your feelings then it’s trouble.
      Let her know this reason, maybe she’s not aware.

  12. Randy says:

    my wife of 30 years although great in every other avenue, her attention to me physical needs has always lacked… she has never shown the correct amount of attention or effort into my fulfillment.. we have had a stormy past.. and it is way too detailed and full to type here… suffice to say I have allowed her to get away with far too much over the years, and now that my “second set” has dropped the coward that existed before is slowly changing to the man I should have been all along. she has told me that her reasons for not only ignoring me and my needs, but also her “acting out” is because of my failings… different things at different periods of time… at the beginning(first couple years) she did endure a lot… dangerous(with some difficulties requiring immediate medical attention) childbirth and havoc on her relationship with her parents… we were both teenagers when she got pregnant, married when she turned 16.. I wanted to wait loner(18) but her family problems increased and she wanted(needed) to move out and we had to move in together… I lover her already, but I didn’t think we should live together first.. but I went against my wishes to be what she needed..she admits to not being ready for all the responsibility of being a wife and mother, but when I started to fail(she showed me 0 attention for the first months) and I finally did succumb, all she can see is my failing her, not my need at that time…I didn’t want another woman but I needed to feel wanted.. I have told her that but she started to act out… “tit for tat” is a fav expression of hers.. time has passed and her treatment of me has had continued good and bad times , we even tried a “club” to try to “liven” up our sex life.. all this eventually turned into was an opportunity for her to act out again…. and again while doing so she ignored what I wanted, my rules about behavior and actually blocked me the 1(and subsequent last time we ever went) time I actually had interest in participating…her excuse?? I don’t listen to her…. she doesn’t listen to me… now what I am NOT listening too is to fix a financial(yeah still) matter that at present isn’t possible.. not yet.. bottom line to my saga is how do I get her to see her treatment, her punishment of me has gone on way too long, it’s been way too severe for my “crimes” and the fact that every time I tried to bring anything up about how i’m feeling, she always blew me off with some excuse or story to deflect the situation.. the fact alone she never tried to help the situation, the fact she chose to act out instead wasn’t fair at all.. this may be hard to follow but I do still and truly lover her… it may be hard to fathom how I could defend such treatment…, but it would be more accurate to say I am trying to see my own weight in these things and my final destination is for a resolution that would allow her to see me and treat me as she should IF POSSIBLE.. I understand what facing all this “truth” would mean to her, what she would be giving up by her coming to terms with her “blame”.. her “golden ticket” of blamelessness would dissolve…or I guess its possible that the reason is deeper… she avoids reality not because she doesn’t want to “give up” what she has, but rather she cant see a fix or solution to this..either way I need to know…. please… any advice on proceeding would be most appreciated as my patience is thinning and I don’t want to make a rash emotional outburst.i have suggested counseling but she is hesitant and I do know that’s something unless wanted or seen at least as needed wont help so I don’t push it…thought you should know… thanx again so much
    sincerely and humbly Randy

    • I understand your plight. You might have married for the wrong reasons (she being pregnant, wanting to move out etc). But that’s past and gone. I have a feeling you guys are still young so should be dating instead of married. My advice is weird, but will help. Start dating your wife. Do all the fun stuff people your age would have done.

      Or do the things you would have done if you guys didn’t marry early. Try and convince her to come along. Relive the moments you never had and things will begin to fall in place.

      • Randy says:

        Thank you for your reply.. I would like to add something I may have neglected to impart in my original text… in all other avenues she is and has always been fantastic… sure little things but we all do those… her effort has always been more that enough and her willingness to show affection in any other way has never been an issue… it’s simply sex… she had an early “awakening” before we met.. I cant honestly say I believe her on how far things “went”( I CAN understand her logic in not being completely open) but she was “played with” by a family member.. in her words she liked the attention… to me this may signal an early trauma which might have triggered an improper feeling towards sex… the bad, dirty and wrong type is hot and desirable… once it’s safe and proper(when we got married) the “fire” died…i’m starting to think maybe her problem isn’t that things happened throughout our relationship that has crippled her desire to please me, but rather another issue exists that has affected her base desire FOR me it’s been more like an arranged marriage… it’s actually gotten better over the years rather then grow if her attatchment to me has grow and’s like i’m what she has, and although she may have been trying hard to make the best of things, i’m really not what she wants..if this be the case…. how should I proceed??? can I gentle find out what’s really gone on?? I am more than willing to move past all this, but I need to feel secure and the only way I can gain that back is to understand all the “why’s” to assure myself they are all dead and gone..if things can be as they should be now… that’s all I truly want.. thank you so much..Randy..
        p.s. i’m 51 but still feel young.. young enough to start over if that is the eventual end to this as I realize a possibility..i’m trying to let this go, I WANT to.. but I need to understand..

        • How old is your wife now that you mentioned you’re 51. If likely to be menopausal issues as well if she’s in the age range.

          • Randy says:

            she’s 47 I don’t see how menopausal symptoms have to do with 31 year long issue…could I please ask you reread my posts… i’m trying to get the truth out, see IF it can be dealt with.. I need advice on how to gingerly but firmly point all this mistreatment out and get her too explain why..