Communication in Marriage – Challenges and Solutions

Communication problems in marriage

How to effectively communicate in marriage


Effective Communication in marriage is one key ingredient in a long and healthy marriage. Communication in marriage can exist but hoe effective can it be? One of the most common problems in marriages is lack of communication. Marriage is when two people  vow that they will live with each other until death and share their feelings. They will also share their struggling times and help their life partner to overcome difficult situations.When does the communication stops?



The beginning of every marriage is beautiful until one party stops being around. It could be due to work or business reasons. When distance becomes a barrier then communication in marriage hols back. Even if two perfect couple come together and there is communication gap between them, then even this kind of perfect relationship won’t survive. That is why communication is “backbone of every successful marriage”.


‘Ego’ is also a complex matter that influences negatively on communications among couples. Every human in one way or the other has pride issues thus when we hurt our partners or commit something wrong we expect the other party to admit his or her wrong. ‘Ego’ does not allow us to humbly say sorry when we are wrong or not. Ego also does not allow us to say the honest point of view in marriage. Sometimes a simple Sit-And Talk is enough to avoid misunderstanding at home.


Communication in marriage must be effective and practiced only if the couples completely trust each other with everything that comes out of their mouth. Marriage is first of all a lifetime companionship hence when there are secrets between couples they become an optacle to effective communication in marriage.



Effective Communication is the only way communication in marriage help in a healthy and long happy marriage. How can this be done?

Now you will be worried about how to improve communication in marriage and get rid of detrimental issues that couples have to face. Here you can follow these steps to improve upon your communication with your partner:

1. Accept your mistakes:

If you want to build a strong sense of good communication with your partner then you must accept mistakes that you have made. Explain your situation and why that happened in the first place. Accepting mistakes is also sign of maturity so don’t be afraid of accepting mistakes.

2. Take responsibilities of your actions:

Be responsible, this will make your spouse to think twice before ignoring you when you want to talk. Communication is must for good companionship that will provide a boost for long lasting of your marriage.

3. Show sincerity:

Be sincere if you want to improve communication with your soul mate. Your sincerity and dedication will provide chances to communicate with your partner.

4. Keep talking:

No matter what has happened keep talking to your spouse. Don’t give yourself even a single chance that lack of communication was the reason of your ending the relationship. Talk more and show your love and how much you are concerned with your spouse.

4 Responses so far.

  1. LAURA??? says:

    Hi all. For me I think that communication in marriage is not about being understood by each other, communication is about handling what another person thinks and feels. Because I think that communication problems happen because you don’t like what the other person has to say. Coommunication problems come when you find yourself misunderstood .

    • chantelle iris says:

      That’s very true. i look at it that way too. most people tend to lay back from communicating with their spouse for the fact that they feel misunderstood.recognizing each others communication needs and meeting them is very vital in any marriage.

  2. Tijani says:

    Its obvious, one key problem of relationships is lack of communication, it make the relationship dull and boring and if care is not taken then it will end up in unwanted break-ups or divorce

  3. priness says:

    It sounds interesting but one of the major problems in marriage is lack of effective communications.This can be as a result from incompatibility. If couples are not compatible, there will always be misunderstanding in the marriage hence no happiness. We always view communication as transfer of information from one party to another forgetting that effective communication depends on the feedback.