How to Keep Husband Happy

In the early stages of marriages, you will find romance, intimacy and warmth but as the years go by these feelings disappear. It is imperative for a wife to do her possible best to spice up the marital bond and always make the husband feel at home because a happy husband, is a man who feels loved by his wife. This reassures him that he is still the special man she always wished for.  There are many ways on how to keep your husband happy for so many years and remember the happier he is the more secure you the wife become.

How to keep husband Happy – Step 1 : 

A happy marriage is not possible without communication: Discussing on any subject, airing any problem occurs and discussing with your hubby any fears, worries, and desires is the bedrock of marriage. This discloses how you both feel about a condition. And it is not always verbal, attitudes are expressed by a smile or a frown. Communication, then, simply clarifies the issue.  This process of communication must be a firm foundation of love and unselfishness.

How to keep husband happy

How to keep husband happy

How to keep husband Happy – Step 2:

 It is vital that a wife pays attention to her husband’s feelings and be sensitive to them: When there is an issue that needs to be discussed involving feelings, sit down and discuss it together. Usually women talk about and express their feelings more than men do, but remember that men have feelings too. A man can go through a range of emotions from the start of day to end without mentioning a word.

How to keep husband Happy – Step 2: We must prioritize sex: Women, understand that sexual fulfillment is a top need of every man. But most women do not demonstrate that. Taking care of the kids, cooking a delicious dinner for the husband is good but it should not replace the sexual demands of your husband, you may be discounting his need for fulfilling sex. Most husbands would rather be happy to have dishes in the sink and a wife waiting in the bedroom than the vice versa.

How to keep your husband Happy – Step 3

: Let your man be the authority: The bible speaks clearly that wives (are to) submit to our husbands as unto the Lord (Ephesians 5:22) this doesn’t mean your opinion are irrelevant. What it does mean is that you respect your husband’s role as the leader of the home. After you’ve mulled over in on an issue, the final decision rests with your husband. A hubby who feels respected is a happy husband

How to keep husband Happy – Step 4: Respect your man’s needs: What need does your husband have that perhaps you have discounted? It may be sex, quality time, his favorite food, or going to ball game together. Don’t get defensive when your husband voices a need. Listen instead and then act positively to meet that need in the best way that you can to keep him happy.

How to keep husband Happy – Step 5: Take care of your appearance: When you were dating, your husband found your body very attractive. He was hooked on your looks. Now that you’re married, it’s important that he still finds you very attractive. When you take time and effort to watch your weight and dress nicely for your spouse, it communicates volumes. I care about you. You’re still the man one for me.

Practicing these guidelines would help end all sort of insecurities at home because a happy marriage is a happy home and it goes a long way to affecting the upbringing of the children if there are any.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These tips are really sexist. In what part do you encourage a woman to communicate that a man needs to also pull his weight, or to accept that marriage is about working together as a team, not just the wife working her butt off and the husband ‘being kept happy’?
    If you assume that it’s the woman’s job to keep the home together and that if something goes wrong with the relationship, it was the woman’s fault, then you’re encouraging an unequal relationship where the female can be victim to sexual or emotional abuse. We have to focus on our appearance? What about the man? Sure, making sexual concessions for him makes sense but what about him making concessions for us? What if the husband lets HIMSELF go after marriage? Are we still expected to sexually please him if he does not sexually please us?

    Try a revised article; How to keep a happy marriage.

    – Communicate. Communication is vital between two married people, especially on issues such as how you handle money, your sexuality and what you’re expecting for the future. A thing as small as how many kids you want may seem insignificant now, but it’s important to know where you both stand on the important questions. By communicating, you allow conversation to flow naturally and there is less chance of misunderstanding.

    – Make concessions. Sometimes, you might not be in the mood for intimacy, but at least acknowledge your partner’s desires and desireability. In the same way, expect your partner to offer you the same respect in return. In the same way, making time for each other and negotiating in the middle ground of any dispute is recommended. If you do not support entirely agreeing with your partner, discuss a solution that works for both of you. If your partner wants to take up a sport but it’s inconvenient to you, discuss them attending the sport on alternate weeks or at another time. Try to achieve a positive goal when faced with a potentially problematic situation.

    – Be honest. There’s no point in hiding anything from your partner if they are loving, genuine people. Be upfront with your needs and wants, and don’t be afraid to take the occasional time off for yourself. In return, don’t feel offended if your partner requests the same thing. In a similar manner, it should be expected that by being honest and taking care of yourself that you both have times where you let yourself go and enjoy each other. Celebrate each other’s white hairs and wrinkles as you age, and cuddle with each other’s love handles after you’ve both had a few children. You’ve made a commitment to love them for who they are, not who they pretend to be, and so long as it remains a loving and committed relationship, you can revel is being you and the changes that it brings in both you and your partner!

    – Finally, be kind to one another. After the flame of romance fades and you both look in the mirror wondering where the dashing partner went, don’t forget that it’s the little gestures of love that makes a relationship last strong and wonderfully. Write each other notes of appreciation, give each other flowers (yes, ladies, you can give flowers too!) and show each other that you care. Especially during times when your relationship will be trying and every little thing irritates you, take some time to show your partner that you still care about them even if you’re going through a rough patch. The underlying reason may go away, and you don’t want your relationship to be damaged by something that influenced it from the outside.

    Honestly, it’s as if you pulled this article straight from the 1940’s and slapped it on the internet.

  2. HOBZA says:

    You can say these comments are sexist, oppressive whatever but the bottom line its a fact especially among Africans. You can struggle to tell me why there is high rate of divorce in our communities. There so called too independent woman are really struggling to get stable relationships, instead they get Ben 10’s. Naturally , the man is the leader of the home but that does not necessarily mean that women must be abused.

  3. Tony says:

    This is sexist. As a guy I am offended…..

    First and foremost, HONESTY. Always be honest, NEVER sugarcoat ANY bullshit to spare feelings. If your HONEST and we can expect you to be truthful regardless of if it hurts, we know we can trust and rely on you.

    2nd. Yes sex plays a part, more often than not it’s because with kids and other things, sometimes it is the ONLY time to connect. And what is a relationship that has 0 sex? a FRIENDSHIP. While a relationship is supposed to be something like a friendship, only DEEPER and more connected, without sex, you fall back on the ” Friends with benefits ” system, where NEITHER of you will be totally comfortable.

    COMFORT. If you can not be comfortable with your partner, you will never feel HAPPY. TALK ( BOTH WAYS ) About what YOU WANT and expect, also, be OPEN MINDED to the other persons wants. Who really wants to be in a relationship with someone who is all about their own wants and needs but never care about others.

    Find out who your partner is before getting TOO involved. Don’t wake up one morning and discover OMG, My Wife is a dominant, OMG My Husband is a submissive etc. FIND out who they are before getting THAT serious. Most relationships ( And subsequent marriages ) Fail because people start dating and are in the honeymoon phase ( Where both parties are all about making the other person happy, and generally fearing letting the other person get to close ) so neither party gets to KNOW the other. They only get to know the superficial show that the other person puts on to be ” Desirable ” THIS is the single biggest MISTAKE that can be made. Until you are BOTH completely comfortable and HONEST with each other, neither of you will ever truly be happy.

    Pride in yourself. As in, if you get dressed up to go out, either shopping, with friends, or for work, Then be sure to put in more effort for your partner. if your partner feels like they are seconded to something or someone else, it will breed mistrust and suspicion. That in itself will impact you ( This goes for BOTH sexes as well )

    Most important aspect, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS LISTEN to you partner.

    • OZA says:

      You all get it wrong by calling this comments “sexist” The topic is ” How To Make Your husband Happy”. So obviously, you are NOT going to hear anything about “how to make a wife happy”. That does not make the writer sexist. If you have something to say about “how to make your WIFE happy”, go ahead and write it for discussion. And I bet you that some men will equally misunderstand that version. You all deviate from the actual discussion!

  4. chantelle iris says:

    This article is basically focusing on some of the things women can do to make their husbands happy. its not in any way going against men. an article for the men and how they can make their wives happy will be out soon. but not to be biased in any way, this article is not to offend anyone out there. its just to help really.