How to Build a Good Mother Daughter Relationships

Our relationship with our children is a natural phenomenon which takes place from pregnancy, birth to adulthood. Although a child comes in the form of male and female.  It seems to be that the relationship between mothers and sons are relatively encouraging as compared to mother daughter relationships. Mothers are to realize that their daughters need them most in their lives to help discuss their day to day activities, their sentiments on certain issues concerning adolescent and what it entails.

A good mother daughter relationship will affect your daughter’s ability to make and keep good friends. As a mother you have to always rekindle the bond between you and your daughter. It is essential to take these tips and add up to your sleeve.

Set aside time to spend with her: Every daughter wants their mother to be their best friend, have a day out and discuss stuff that would not involve a third party. Try to find time in your schedule to do things with your daughter. Pick a certain day of the week or time of the day when both of you are free. Holidays are a good time to do things together because your daughter will likely be out of school. Sometimes try asking the choice of place you both can hang out for her to feel that you acknowledge her preference. Aim for at least an hour or two a day to spend with your daughter.

mother daughter relationships

How to build a good mother daughter relationships


Know what your daughter likes: Another way mothers can build relationships with their daughters is knowing what kinds of activities your daughter enjoys. It will help greatly when you spend time together because you’ll know what to do  show her you love. Your daughter knows that you love her and by engaging in activities that she is interested in. For example, read together at home if reading is her favorite hobby.

Be there for your daughter:  Not only should your daughter listen to you, but you must listen to her as well. Also be aware that children know when their parent isn’t truly listening and it isn’t a pleasant feeling because it is dampens their ego. Use encouraging words and actions and mean what you say.You can also encourage her by celebrating her talents and it will make her feel so happy and also help to recognize her talents.


Agree to disagree: Mothers and daughters disagree on many issues, such as boyfriends, schooling and occupation, and they usually try to convince the other to change those opinions. Mothers feel vulnerable and unwanted that their daughters are making different decisions. Daughters think their moms disapprove of them and get defensive. These situations ruin a lot of good mother daughter relationships.

Don’t invite third parties in conflicts:  in every home the tendency of arguments between mother and daughter is relatively high as it is with their sons. It is familiar for both mother and daughter to bring a third party to resolve the problem. However working it out directly is the best gift you can give to your daughter.

And always remember the phrase like mother like daughter.  A daughter is usually a reflection of their mother, so led by example.


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  2. priness says:

    You should just be like a friend to your daughter. A mother shouldn’t be so strict on a daughter just because she is much older than her, this wouldn’t solve any problem. You should just be relaxed on your daughter, put her right when she deserves to. If you are too harsh on a daughter,she will grow wings because definitely she will be fed up with your nagging. Just remind her always you are her mum. Even with that, your attitude reminds her she is your daughter. Just be friendly and show good examples. And a daughter should respect the mum no matter what. And so far as the mum is friendly, daughter can open up to mum with what ever challenges she is encountering. Since you are her friend, there will be no peer pressure involved.