Role of Money in Marriage

Money plays a major role to the success or otherwise of marriages. In some situations, the lack of it, may be the cause of the end of the marriage, whiles in certain instance, the plenty of it may also bring an end to the marriage. Research shows that money is the most important factor that causes a lot of divorce and ruins in most marriages. The article tries to address some key concerns about money and marriage. Does money mean safety and success of marriage? Are money decisions shared? If both partners are earning, is the money split or combined? And if one partner isn’t working, how does that person glean respect?

Money and marriage is sought by most women, as with men- who often need assurance in the form of physical intimacy, women need assurance financially. This may create some form of resentment on the part of a woman who marries a man who is lazy and cannot meet her financial needs. Here, the inability of the man to provide sufficient money for her up keep, may force her to engage in multiple job to be able to meet her needs. The fate of this marriage is likely to fall because the man has neglected his responsibility. The partner (man) who isn’t working may lose some form of respect and may affect the marriage.

role of money in marriage

Find out the importance of money in marriage


The presence of money may not necessary mean safety and success of marriage, in the since that, difference in the spending habit of the money can also bring an end of the marriage. As noted by Dr. Atwood – opposites often attracts. “Spenders attract hoarders, and worriers attract avoiders.” So, in a situation where a partner is extravagant and spends more than the other, the issue of financial conflict may arise which may lead to break down of the marriage. Because studies show that, most people, even if they start a relationship as the sole provider, have grown to be more appreciative of a more equal financial partnership. For this reason, even in a marriage where money may not be an issue, if the source is from only one partner or the spending between the partners are not synchronize, then marital conflicts may arise.

It has been noted that, the key reason why money issues become a problem in marriage, is that, issues relating to money are not discussed prior to marriage. People can now discuss issues concerning sex than with money. Thus, decision concerning money and marriage is not shared. The fact that a partner’s spending habit, laziness, extravagant use of money are overlooked whiles dating, may in the future bring problems when they finally marry.

As with all financial decisions we make, we need a lot of information in order to make a sound choice. Marriage, described as one of the most important financial decision that many people will ever make, most go into it blind. – Dr. Phil.

Lessons from financial heart breakers or let me say; relationships that has been broken due to money and marriage issues reveals that, it is always advisable to seek financial compatibility with your partner before getting married, compatibility- in the sense that, both partners should have a common attitude towards money. This will make them able to handle issues relating to money when they get married.

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  1. murad khaled qasim alidmat says:

    I’m a computer engineer , 27 years old , single , need girl who is will love me for who I am not my money.


  2. Edith Atobi says:

    What makes you think there’s a woman out there who needs ur money and not love. Let’s think positive for ones, love consist of so much the fact that u spend on a woman and it didn’t work doesn’t mean she come for ur money. Ladies are not bad actually u men are making us seem bad. Don’t go in for a lady higher than ur class and tell me tomorrow that she came for ur money.Know urself well and choose wisely….

  3. Infra Gee Wagna says:

    The mere fact that a minister pronounces two parties ‘man and wife’ does not implicate God as having put the two together. It is the disrespect for the institution of marriage that threatens to put asunder what God has established or put together. Disrespect comes in ways such as supercilious posturing due to economic Status or academic accomplishments, selfish or exploitative ambitions. Attitudes such as these have no place in a marriage that merits divine approval. A meaningful marriage is one that exudes mutual unconditional love, submissiveness, understanding and adaptability.


    Since lovers would survive on money, I think love Dr is right.

  5. BIll says:

    hmmm, so as long as i can provide for my wife financially, she HAS to stay in shape right??

  6. chantelle iris says:

    Money is an important factor in every relationship, and marriage is inclusive. even tough it might not be a yard stick to enjoying the union, most people believe it makes it somehow better and pain-free.
    No matter how one looks at it, we all desire to have comfort in our lives, and if we are offered that in marriage, but of course, we will accept it. it doesn’t mean you love money or are a materialistic person. no. it doesn’t at all.

  7. priness says:

    Of course you can never have sound mind in a marriage without money. You should feel comfortable. Not as in plenty money but at least something to take care of the family so you wouldn’t go begging from house to house. Money is very important in marriage though it doesn’t make a happy marriage but it makes your marriage more comfortable. Just that you should be careful you don’t go in for a gold digger but someone who truely loves you unconditionally(true love).