Signs of Infidelity and How to Deal With It

Although it is debated which sexes is more susceptible to infidelity, blame cannot be placed on either. Both men and women have exhibited signs of infidelity whilst in a relationship. Cheating is not only physical as people think, there is emotional infidelity, too.  One may feel lonely, or wronged, or slighted in a present relationship that they may seek comfort and security elsewhere, perhaps with someone who can relate to or understand them.

Discovering that your partner is having an affair is heart breaking, particularly infidelity in a marriage – a relationship where you have made official and soul-binding vows to work, love and cherish each other for the rest of your life. Below are signs of infidelity

Signs of infidelity

How to deal with infidelity when it happens

Signs of Infidelity 1:- Stagnation in the romantic aspect of the marriage

The partner may have felt that the sweetness of a tender, loving relationship in the past, but it appears to have gradually evaporated. And Instead of seeking solutions, they may look for it elsewhere.

Signs of infidelity 2: Having Emotional Security With another person

This is a form of Emotional infidelity. The partner finds security elsewhere by sharing their problems and achievements with someone else other than the spouse. They are the first to break any news to and also seek emotional comfort when in distress. To help prevent your partner from having an affair try to pay emotional attention to their needs.  Married couples then to focus on the children to the neglect of their husband or wife.  Have time for each other and talk about whats important to each other.

Sign of Infidelity 3: A general sense of boredom by the other partner when they send time together.

Have your partner been feeling bored even if you’re together? Then you’re in deep trouble. They may have found a new partner who probably seems to provide them something new, a breath of fresh air, if you will. A renewed ‘honeymoon’ period, which they feel that they are entitled to. To prevent your partner from having an affair, you should put a stop to doing things routinely. You’re not robots so try and chip in something new.

So now you have three signs of infidelity but the list does not cover all. Study your partner to find lifestyle changes in him or her.  Do not for a second think your partner cannot cheat just because you are married.  The underlying cause, no matter what, is dissatisfaction and the root of the problem may not stem from the marriage itself. Commitment issues due to past trauma, problems at work that they may not be able to talk about and so on. Seeing the signs of infidelity and preventing is the best, but if cheating has already occurred then below are the steps to take.

How to deal with infidelity

  • Vent your feelings constructively. Be honest with yourself, and then to your partner. Accept that infidelity has occurred if you want to resolve it.
  • Talk it out.  It could be either side’s fault, it could be neither. The important thing is tell the truth completely. Sometimes, it could be a one-time thing too.
  • Moving on is essential. And the only way to move on is to understand that infidelity is to be shouldered by both partners. It requires growth, maturity and understanding of both partners. If you are wrong, accept whatever has happened, forgive, and find out the best way of healing yourself.

Hope this helps you in understanding infidelity.  If you have any problems facing your marriage and need online marriage counseling, use the “ask a question” link and we’ll provide answers to you at no cost.

Signs of Infidelity was written by Georgina Awuah

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  1. akuseyram says:

    dating itself is kind of frustrating!

  2. amos nunifant says:

    what are the possible effects of a distant relationship?

    • Jaafar Umar says:


    • Patrick says:

      Many things can be possible,but I think having your partner closer to you is beneficial so that you get to know them far better before you commit fully.

    • Apenkwah Victor jnr says:

      one of the problems that lovers face when they are not together is loneliness.loneliness kills initiative,make one feel rejected and above all possibility of a break down communication may be high hence infidelity

  3. amos says:

    how do u know if your lady is cheating on u?

  4. Ibrahim says:

    If your partner is cheating on you with her ex boyfriend do you think they can end it while you caught them and she apologies.

  5. ebow mikachi says:

    It happens to both men and women

  6. bee says:

    What is happening if your boyfriend is acting so distant and rude to you. Whenever you ask him why he’s behaving strange he says its nothing.

    • sh'micah says:

      To find out what could be the cause of th widening distance in a relationship,you can start by checking yourself.are you taking any steps that are undermining your love life,it may seem trivial to you but its every step that you take that makes the distance wide between you and your mate.

    • Uncle Ebo Q says:

      Believe me, though you might be smelling rat, sometimes its really nothing”well at least that concerns you or will affect you”
      If say his crankshaft isn’t working and the mechanics are just wasting his money , he might look distant and trying to explain to you might lead to him trying to give a full lecture which he might not be prepared for so nothing would be a good answer then…
      Sorry but sometimes a guy has to be left alone to sort his issues out

  7. Amin says:

    I am in a relationship with lady whose face appear to me much older than me and anytime we meet my friends she doesnt want to look straight into their eyes and it makes my love for her fade.what shd i do sh
    d i marry her or not

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  10. ark says:

    Stop policing your partners pray u find a good one, some are experts that i bet you, they can cheat on you for years without you knowing , they will be no signs and symptoms!

  11. linda says:

    Hmmmmm wat do I sad tooo much

  12. forgive venunye adifuh says:

    who is a genuine guy

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    I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  14. anonymous says:

    throughout my relationship, my significant other has talked to other girls sexually or just flirting; acting single. I know he has not actually cheated, but I don’t know how to solve it because whenever it is confronted, he sincerely says that he wants no one but me

  15. caldwell says:

    i don’t like making love so I have on and will marry her

  16. REHAN says:

    any tech me for mining for love

  17. joy says:

    Partner is always saying busy busy days always nd he seldom picks his call what do u think?

  18. neha says:

    My partner has trying to ignoring me alwys nd he has no tym for me from few days he is doing like this what to do

  19. Rahul says:

    Wait for some time

  20. Ethan hunt says:

    You should also stay away from him …..try to realize if its true love……if you feel its not break up with him n move forward.

  21. Oladimeji Samson says:

    love is pain

  22. akosombo says:

    i need advice

  23. naveed says:

    Love is name of true feelings of heart

  24. niilamptey says:

    No human can solve this problem,its infested in the genetic of human,love is cheat

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  26. priness says:

    There are a lot of signs of infidelity in marriage. But you will only realise it when there is no more emotional attachment between couples. No communication, no love making because a spouse satisfies himself outside with someone else. Just have to be observant.