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    Does He Like Me; Guy Friend Giving Me Mixed Signals

    I have this guy friend who I talk to online and he’s nice. The other day I saw him with […]

He’s Giving Me Mixed Signals

So i’ve been going out/texting this guy for the past three months and we haven’t seen each other for 2 months because of things happening in our lives (work, vacation, etc). First we agreed we’ll meet after i get back from vacation but 2 weeks after i got back he never asked me out (I […]

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Am Rushing Girl Into Relationship

Hi So I’ve met this girl a few times and we get on well. I rushed in telling her I liked her but she did not flat out reject me and said “she doesn’t know me will enough to date Just Yet” I meeting her again this week and so I’m wondering if there is […]

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My Girlfriend is in Love With Another Guy

hello, please some years back my girlfriend called Kathy dated a taxi driver and slept with him when i went to the university but i did everything i can to win her love back. After winning her love again she started disrespecting me and she even insults me in the presence of my friends then […]

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My Husband Parties Till Late

My husband is amazing and I am so in love with him. However, we have just been married 2 short months and the partying is not slowing down. He owns his own business and can come and go as he pleases. As for me, I work a 7am job. He goes out at least 2 […]

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My Husband is a Workaholic What Should I do

Hi love dr. Desperately need your help. I am a 27 year old woman. It’s been 3 yrs for my marriage and it’s a love marriage after 8 years long relationship. After getting married my husband has stopped giving me time. You won’t believe it, but since my marriage my husband has not taken me […]

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He’s Scared to Meet My Family

I’ve been dating this guy for the past 3 months. I’ve met his grandmother, father and brother but he has yet to meet my family. When I ask him about it all he tells me is that he’s scared/nervous but won’t discuss why he feels this way. I’m confused at why he’s comfortable with me […]

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My Husband’s Female Best Friend Get More Attention

I’ve been married for a month now, we’ve been together for 2.8years before we got married but in a long distance relationship. My friends notice that our relationship is weird. There are times that he make me feel worthless, there are times that i feel loved by him. He has this girl bestfriend, for a […]

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My Wife Says Hurtful Stuff

Me and my wife got married and she was going through  a lot of emotional issues. I tried my best to Stand beside her and not leave or go off on her.  My wife kept saying so many hurtful things then saying she didn’t mean them. She would leave only to come back. Two months […]

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