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    Does He Like Me; Guy Friend Giving Me Mixed Signals

    I have this guy friend who I talk to online and he’s nice. The other day I saw him with […]

My Wife Says Hurtful Stuff

Me and my wife got married and she was going through  a lot of emotional issues. I tried my best to Stand beside her and not leave or go off on her.  My wife kept saying so many hurtful things then saying she didn’t mean them. She would leave only to come back. Two months […]

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My Boyfriend is Hot Tempered

My boyfriend is hot tempered and whenever he is angry he will say a lot of hurting words to me. Sometimes he gets angry without telling me the problem. Relationship Counseling on My Boyfriend is Hot Tempered So you’re dating (not married) to a hot tempered boyfriend? And this your boyfriend says hurtful things to you […]

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My Wife Does Not Desire Me

Lately I’ve been dealing with a ton of insecurities. I got that in check and no longer fear that my wife wants other guys but I’ve noticed a trend in how she is towards me. She’s never mean or angry she just doesn’t show me the same affection or passion that she used to. She’s […]

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Therapist Breaking Up Our Marriage

I think my wife and I would benefit from marriage counseling. We have an autistic child and she and him have been going to a therapist for 6 years. I did not like the therapist and have gone to very few of the sessions. The therapist she and my son see is doing play therapy […]

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I Kissed Another Woman; Should I Tell My Wife

Good morning, Thank you for taking the time to read this. I have been married for 3 years with a 2 year old daughter. Four months ago after a long day of drinking I kissed another woman for 2-3 seconds before pulling away and walking away from the situation. At the time I believe I […]

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She is Dating Someone Else

Hello Love Dr, I have a girl named opeyemi that I love so so much. Have asked her out since the past 4 months and till now the answer has been no. It’s obvious that she likes me but she does not love me just because she has someone she’s dating. That’s the only excuse […]

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Marriage is a Falling Apart Roller Coaster

My wife never responds whenever i try to calmly talk about a problem. She takes me repeating a suggestion twice to a justification of raising her voice or hanging up the phone. She feels unhappy in her life with me because of me, i love her and always emphasize the importance of communication but she […]

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I Cheated on My Boyfriend with a Celebrity

I have been dating my boyfriend for two years and we have never made love. I met this new guy a few months. He’s interesting and caring and I ended up cheating on my boyfriend with him. He is a celebrity. This celebrity guy is so caring but he doesn’t have time for me. Is […]

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